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If you are a first time visitor, welcome! I’m so happy to have you drop in for a while. I hope you enjoy your look around, and should you choose to follow the blog or subscribe to the newsletter, rest assured I will try not to inundate you with endless posts. You will find news about my latest releases, occasionally free samples, and maybe a naughty excerpt or photo. Watch for a new feature on upcoming publications as well as a live ticker on the status of my works in progress.

Before you click around, I give you fair warning that I write erotic romances about love outside the lines. You will find worlds rich in characters who find their way to love, even when the path isn’t always easy—or even expected. There’s something here for nearly every type of reader, and the pairings may be male/female, male/male, or menages (mmm/mmf). Heck, sometimes even the vampires and werewolves find a path to true love in my worlds.

With over forty books to choose from, I hope you will let me entertain you.



A note about pricing: 

I am by choice, an independent author-publisher. I want to earn your trust as well as your loyal readership, therefore you can find the first book to many of my established series free at major online retailers. (The exception is Amazon, because of their pricing policies.)  I invite you to sample any one of my series before you invest your hard earned money. If you find my books are not to your taste, I thank you for giving me an opportunity and wish you happy reading. If you do enjoy my books, know that I will always do my best to entertain you for a reasonable price.

I would love to hear from you—if there is something else you’d like to see here, just let me know!


  1. I read Honey House a year ago and keep looking for your next book in series. The mix of characters is charming and keeps me reflecting on what will happen next. Even the house has a personality. I love it. Please, do not let this wonderful mix of characters and story line go away.


  2. I love the Altered States series. I hope there are more volumes coming. There is so much unresolved. Henri has to get his comeuppance!! And Denny and Clint have to finally hook up. And what about Sam. Is he part Fae? Or are he and Travis Fated Mates?? I need more, please!!

  3. I have finished reading the WSR series, and I love it! The characters are relatable, th love scenes hot and the story lines are at times funny, and pull at the heart strings! I cannot wait for the next book, especially waiting to hear about Draco. Thank you for writing books that add joy to my life and help me pass through the hours of chemo. Reading your works makes it go by in a flash, that is how caught up I get in your stories.

    • Now that is a humbling comment. Thank you Mollie and be strong. You got this!

    • Mollie, as a cancer survivor, I wish you the best in beating your cancer. I am a 20 year survivor or a rare cancer. I too dove into books to take me away during treatments and to give me an outlet. I know how immersing yourself in something outside your reality helps. Best wishes and hope to sometime see a post that you beat it….. Donna

  4. I have the Separate Ways series as ebooks and I’ve just bought Continental Divide as an audiobook. Loved it but now I want book 2. Is there any chance that this is going to be released in this format soon?
    I know what happens but I want to hear it.

    • *Waves to Sharon*

      Isn’t Dax wonderful? The good news is he’s contracted to do the rest of the series…the bad news is I’m waiting on his schedule. So yes, it will be completed by Dax, but probably later this year.

      • Thank-you for letting me know. I’ll keep checking back.

  5. I love your books; wondering if you are going to have a printable booklist available anytime soon? Thanks

  6. Laura:

    I just finished the Separate Ways series and loved it! I was wondering if you were considering writing a book for Toby? I would like to revisit the world of Jamie and Remy.

  7. Laura ,

    I just finished Continental Divide. It is the first of your books I have read. I LOVED IT! Thank you. I can’t wait to start the next one. (please tell me they end up together in the end) I am also looking forward to reading some of the other series.

  8. Hi just wandering will the rest of the separate ways books be in audio I just downloaded and listened to the first and loved it.. I love audio so hope to get more and stick with the same narrator he did a fantastic job!! Keep up th awesome work!!

  9. Laura,
    Will there be a ‘wrap-up’ book for Pulp Friction 2014? I’ve bought and read all the other titles and wondered if you would be doing a final book by all four of you? FYI, I loved each of the 2014 series, but have to admit that I found Scott & Rob and the kids the most enjoyable. I’ve just pre-ordered Ride the Storm and am looking forward to reading it in a few days! Thanks for continuing to write!

  10. just listened to Honey House on audible was great but was wanting to know if there was a book 2 on Honey House.I will be reading some of your other stuff,I like your style

    • Thanks Rachelle—I hope so. I really love KC and Quinn!

    • I second that. I really liked Honey House and look forward to more in Juniper Springs 🙂

  11. Hi Laura, I have desperately been trying to find your Highland Destiny series books 2, 3 and 4 in paper back or hard cover books. I read Highland Shift and would like to purchase the rest of the series. I don’t like reading e-books as it bothers my eyes badly. Do you have any idea on how I can get a hold of these books? I love the story…

    • Thanks for asking, Stephanie. They are in process right now—they should all be available before the end of the year.

      • Just finished all 4 of the Highland Destiny series. Loved them! In the Author’s Note you stated you would be working on a new series that continues with the unfinished story line. Have any books in that series been released yet and if so, what is it called?

        • I loved HighlandDestiny series! When will there be a follow-up series?

        • I don’t see the answer for this post. Do you know what the next seires for the follow up is called?

  12. When will #4 Prevailing winds be available …love the Separate Ways books !!!!

  13. I fell in love with your Seperate Ways series, and am eagerly awaiting book 4. Do you have a release date for Prevailing Winds yet?

  14. Thank you so much for the blog hop. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Not too sure if anybody told you that we are unable to post under the Kiss Me! I’m Irish! Blog Hop. Thanks for letting me know that All romance eBooks is having a Go Green Sale and Giveaway.

  15. After discovering you with the Threes Allowed Collection (and LOVING IT!), I moved onto the Willow Springs Ranch series and LOVED IT ALSO! Just bought Park’s Lot from All Romance and am anxiously planning to read it tonight after work…THANK YOU, Laura for your wonderful storylines and hot, hot sex! As a hetero woman, I was sort of surprised to find myself getting aroused when reading M/M books, but then realized that is confirmation that “Love is Love” as I’ve said for years. Those in our country who want to deny that should be strongly encouraged to read your books – maybe they would finally understand!!!

    • Thank you! I do believe most people can fall in love with the right person—regardless of gender—if there were so many pressures from society. You are so right. Love is love, people are people, and we should be able to be with the one(s) who fit. <3

      • I have read all three highland books and can’t wait to know about a fourth. I am dying to know what happens with everyone! Please let me know when it will be out and what to look for.

  16. I am very glad to see Park’s Lot is out just went to Amazon and bought the book and look forward to reading it. Will there be a Book 7 and on?

    • LOL…yes, Dennis, the next book is already started. I bet when you read Park’s Lot you’ll be able to guess at the next couple.

  17. I just finished the Highland Destiny series and loved it! That was my first taste of your work. I was happy to discover on your website that you not only write Highland time travel (my favorite since Linda Howard Son of the Morning) but you have a kinky side also. I am looking forward to reading your entire catalog. Keep it coming!

    • LOL…yes, I might have been accused of being a little kinky from time to time. ;D

  18. Just finished Book 1 to 4 of the WSR group and would like to know when Book 5 will be out. I have never been a gay romance novel reader till I found the books I spoke on. As a trucker it makes my time sitting at a receiver or shipper not so bad since I can read your books while I sit
    Thanks and looking for more books by you.

    • Park’s Lot, WSR #5 will be out tomorrow- 2/20/14. I can’t wait!

      • I just finished wit’s end WSR will there be another? I find my self wondering about Ty’s friend the marine. Seems to be another one of your great stories waiting.

        • Thank you J,
          I’m writing Cliff’s Edge, right now, and it should be available the end of February. I am really loving the way it’s going…

  19. I got the first book of separate ways free on bookbub. That was 2 days ago, and now have bought 2 & 3 and just finished them. Came to your site to find out exactly when book 4 comes out. From reading your fan mail, I will start on your other series soon. But can’t wait so spend another day with Jamie &Remy.

    • Prevailing Winds, book 4 in the series will be out in late spring. 🙂 I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them.

      • I also got your first book of the series via Bookhub and immediately purchased the next two and can’t wait until the next one is available. I found myself torn on who I would like to see with Remy but always came back to pulling for Jamie. Late Spring can’t come fast enough.

        • Thanks, Wanda!
          That’s officially the next project 🙂

  20. I just finished Highland Destiny. I started with Highland Shift and decided to purchase the . entire series. I could not believe how it pulled me to read the entire series. I cried when I found out what happened to Elena and could not believe it. Honestly, I asked myself “why did she do that? She just ruined the whole thing.” I should have known better. I believe that the last one was the best in the series. I am, however; a bit disappointed. There were a lot of unanswered questions toward the end, not with how the story went, but more like … what happened to the rest of the characters. Liam – will he be seduced back to the dark side. Being a descendant of Ian, I am hoping not. I have a feeling that he will fall along the way, but find redemption. Kheelen – he does need a dose of his own medicine. Rhyannah and hubby – what happens next. I do hope you would continue with this story and in the very near future, like publish in the next 3 months. You are a wonderful and very believable author. Please let me know when the next book in this story line is published. One last thing – I love novels about the highlands/highlanders and time travel. You introduced other world characters and put them all together wonderfully. Your story line and plot is quite different from others I read and kept me on my toes. Truly an original. Keep up. Keep it going.

    • What a lovely note, thank you so much. There is much to explore with the left overs from the Highland Series, and I cannot wait to get started. I have a couple of projects that must be finished, but then it’s time to see what mischief Liam is going to get into next. (And yes…we must do something about Kheelen!)

      • I can’t wait. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer. I am going to look over your other books (series). Most likely, I will start with the Willow Springs Ranch series. It has a lot of great reviews and I am sure I will love it.

  21. Just finished reading all the books in the Willow Springs Ranch Series. I LOVED them!!! I can’t wait until the next one comes out. I am so glad that you continue with everyone’s stories in each book. I love knowing what is happening with all the characters. I can’t say I have a favorite character, because you made me love them all!!! I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I am going to start reading the Highland Destiny Series now.

    • Thank you, Kim! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Highland series. <3

  22. Just finished the first highland destiny book, what is the second book so I can rpurchase, I have a nook.

    • In order:
      Highland Shift
      Highland Pull
      Highland Push
      Highland Destiny

      Thanks for reading!

  23. Laura, thank you! I just finished 3.5 of the Willow Springs Ranch series, about to search for #4 and had to stop in and say thank you! Ty and Cass have found their way into my heart as well as the rest of the cast of characters! They have come right off the pages to titilate, concern, excite and worry your reader at every turn! Thank you for making the sex just enough to turn us on without being trashy and out of their character! As a gay man I find so many of the gay romances to be grossly overwritten when it comes to the lovemaking and quite frankly if I wanted it that graphic I’d watch porn!

    Once again thank you and I can’t wait to establish a long reading relationship with all your characters!


    • Thank you! Your words arrived on the perfect day as I am neck deep in WSR 5 edits and needed the reassurance 😀

      • I can’t wait for it to come out!! I have fallen in love with the gang at the WSR!!

  24. Just finished “Highland Shift” and ready to order the remaining books! Having visited Scotland in the past your story takes back to a land I love. That being said, you combine all that I look for in series reading! And…always a treat to meet someone who knows my hometown of Brunswick 😉

  25. I just finished reading “Highland Shift”. While it has much to recommend it, I do suggest that you get a more proficient proofreader before publishing. There were a few instances of words used that were pretty close to the word that *should* have been used, but I’m sorry to say that the only one that I remember is “centurion”. (That one has haunted me for a few days now.) Just so you know, a *centurion* is an officer in the army of ancient Rome. A *centenarian” is a human who has reached the age of 100 years. In the scene in question, I had the peculiar mental image of a man in armor and a Roman military kilt, solicitously serving food to the characters in the novel. Strange. I kept trying to superimpose the image of an extremely elderly waiter, but to no avail.

  26. Laura, I just completed the Highland Destiny series. I absolutely loved them all!!!!! I laughed, rejoiced, and cried with them all!!! I was transported to their many times and thoroughly enjoyed as well as could picture in my mind the places that they visited and lived!! I thank you for a most enjoyable series to get wrapped up in!!!! I look forward to reading more!!!!

  27. Hi, I love the altered state books. When will you be releasing book 3 ?

  28. I recently discovered you when I was searching for ménage titles at All Romance – and found the Three’s Allowed Collection — WOW!!! It was my first title(s) of yours and I’ve since gone back to purchase seven more. The original five (Three’s Allowed) have ALL I want in my reading – lots of LOVE, lots of HOT SEX, a STORYLINE and a HEA…what more could a girl ask? Although when I began to read books a LONG time ago, I always thought a romance was just M/F, I have in recent years discovered that I enjoy “love outside the lines” A LOT and have proceeded to look for favorite authors in other areas of romance. THANK YOU for your dedication to giving us a story along with the sex — it makes me want to go back and read your books over and over again. I’ve bookmarked your website, author page in All Romance and just signed up for your blog notifications. Keep on writing, Laura, and I’ll keep on reading…

  29. I will be waiting and looking VERY, VERY forward to it!

  30. Just finished the Highland Destiny series & I LOVED THEM!! Did I read something about a sequel? If not, how soon can you make that happen? I’m gonna need you to drop everything & get on that now! But seriously, awesome job! I never comment on author’s sites, so feel honored because I’ve read like millions of books 😉

    • LOL, Leanne—I do feel honored. I am chomping to get started on the spin-off. I have a couple other projects to clear up, but I plan to have it before the end of the year. I’m already doing the research…and that’s the first step!

  31. I read all four of the Highland Novels, which were beautifully written, with such detail you could picture Scotland purely by Laura’s words alone. The plot of each book intermingle with the next bringing on new and exciting characters, plots and climaxes that never seem to end.
    Thank you Laura for such wonderful novels to enjoy and I hope there will be more to come. You are credit to the literary community and a absolutely wonderful writer/novelist.

    • Thank you, your words mean so much. There is definitely more to explore in the Highland World. <3

  32. trying to get Part of Me but cant find it on amazon?

    • Thanks for you question, Nikkih. Part of me is currently being revised and greatly expanded. It was intended to be a short story, but the characters won’t stop yapping. I’ll post more about it, soon.

  33. Laura, Thank you, Thank you, for the Highland Destiny series. I picked up Highland Shift for free through Bookbub. The characters and storyline are amazing. I read all four within the week. As a big fan of KMM, I feel overjoyed to be able to add you as another favorite author. Again, Thank you!! Looking forward to more time with the Highland Destiny characters.

    • Thank you Elaine, and I’m more than flattered to have my name mentioned along with KMM. There is definitely more to come from this world. <3

  34. Just read Highland Shift ! WOW ! ! I have enjoyed paranormal books for quite a while . This was a free book from Amazon, needless to say I am going to continue the series. You are master of the written word. I am amazed at your talents, please don’t ever stop!

  35. Agreed…bought it the day it came out and could not put it down…ready for the next. Laura you are fabulous!!!

  36. Just finished #4 of the Highand Destiny series. Got the first via Bookbub daily free offerings. Others from Amazon. Could NOT put these books down. Good thing Maine has been inundated with snow- my excuse for staying home past week.:D Looking forward to what comes next with Keean and Liam.

    • Thank you for letting me know, Mary! What part of Maine are you in? My oldest sone was gown in South Harpswell near Brunswick. 🙂

  37. I’m new to ebooks, and have become addicted. I would love to add you to my library, I have loved vampires and paranormal and Gothic since I was old enough to buy them, now in my 50’s I’ve discovered erortica I’m lost . my husband will find me curled up reading, I don’t have a kindle or nook, but my andoid works fine as long as I can download it on Google books.

    • *Curls up next to Debbie* I’m right with you! Welcome and I’m glad you stopped by!

  38. Stumbled across your work searching free books and found Ty Hard. Loved it and the characters so much I purchased books 2, 3 AND 4!

    • Thank you, Rachel! That is lovely to hear. I love my guys at the WSR. Don’t forget the other freebie in the series, Ty’d Down. (It’s book 3.5, lol.)

  39. Love the Altered States series. When is the next book coming out,.

    • Thanks for asking. Tom and I are working hard and should have two new Altered States books early next year…think late January and mid-March.

  40. I love the Highland Destiny series. Got hooked when first book was offered free via facebook page ( I love Vampire Novels) linked to Amazon. Wonderful evocative descriptions and very interesting subject matter. Read all 3 one after the other. When is book 4 coming? I read using my Kindle.

    • The final book in the series is out on Dec. 19 <3

  41. Highland shift is awesome, found you on amazon looking for paranormal romance, Highland Shift did my search justice!

    • That’s good news to hear the tag terms work! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.


  42. Here is one new fan, I got the book free at Barnes and Noble when it was listed on I Love Vampire Novels list and am now hooked.

  43. I just finished Highland Push (#3 in that series). It was very good, as is the entire series to that point. I’m anxious for the next book – out next month(?). They are quite erotic (but I was warned and I appreciate that) but at my age (76) I can pretty much say ‘I’ve read it all!’ 😉 Thanks for a very good series.

  44. Really enjoyed “Highland Shift”. It was suggested on the Moning Maniacs FB page so don’t be surprised if you have several new fans.

    • Wow…now that is an honor! I love KMM. Maybe we can do a giveaway when the final book is released next month. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Highland Shift was an excellent read a definite fan. Would love to continue that story line more.

  45. I hope there is more (#3) books on the separate ways series. I really like the series.

    • Moving Mountains is Book 3, and it will be released on November 1. 🙂

      • I just finished Moving Mountains. Loved it. Sure hope ther’s a book 4. You can’t leave Jamie and Remy like that.

        • I promise, I won’t. Look for book 4 in late spring.


          • J’adoooore toute les histoires du Ranch de Willow Springs et aimerais savoir combien de tome il y a au total,je ne lis qu’en français et je suis au 3 eme