Baby’s It’s Cold Outside-Last Day!

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Welcome to Final Day of the Baby it’s Cold Outside Blog Hop!

It’s the final day of the Baby it’s Cold Outside Blog Hop! There are a LOT of great prizes from some fabulous authors, including a Kindle, so be sure click on the image above or this link and visit 10 sites to open up the Rafflecopter entry form for your chance to win a Kindle Fire!

Since we started the hop with a steamy excerpt from book one in the Three’s Allowed Series, and the weather has only gotten worse for many of you, I figure it can’t hurt to try to steam things up a little more. Now, don’t get me wrong…my books do contain explicit sex, but you’ll also find intrigue, danger, and plenty of romance, too. Today, we’ll stick with the heat, though, lol.

Book Two in the series starts of with a bang, literally, and never lets go. This top-rated, best selling book won numerous awards, and made all things possible for me—and by that I mean, it allowed me to take the scary leap from having a regular guaranteed paycheck to turning writing into my full-time job. I am forever grateful to all those who buy my books. You might say you RESCUED me!

The Blurb

Elizabeth Ashford tries to escape her wife-beating husband before he kills her, by running into the wilderness near a highway rest area. Michael Enwright is a self-made millionaire and expert in high tech security. At the first rest stop of his long overdue sabbatical, he sees the fleeing woman and intervenes, saving Elizabeth’s life, while nearly losing his own.

When Michael’s help is misinterpreted, he ends up handcuffed and face down in the dirt before Elizabeth can set Sheriff Graeme Kennedy, her former lover, straight. In order to protect Lizzie, Graeme is forced to work with Michael and brings both of them to his cabin for protection.

Now Graeme finally has Elizabeth under his roof, right where he’s always wanted her. So why is he jacking off to visions of the drop dead gorgeous and take-charge Michael? Some things never change.



The Excerpt (Adult)

Michael’s head was spinning, and he suspected it was lack of blood, since every bit of it was now gathered at his core with the force of his orgasm. As he lay there unable to move, breathing like a freight train, he was aware of two things. First, he’d just had the best blow job of his life. Second, he was holding Graeme’s hand.

What the hell was going on with him and Graeme? How could it possibly feel so right to touch another man? He’d only been interested in women before, so was this some kind of forbidden fruit temptation? He’d always thought of himself as Mr. Accepting when it came to his gay acquaintances, so why was he having such a hard time accepting the attraction he felt for Graeme?

Not wanting to pull back too abruptly, he gave Graeme’s hand a little squeeze before he reached for Liz. When she was comfortably on his chest, he stroked her hair and held her close. His emotions felt very near the surface, and his voice came out a growl, “Liz, that was—”

“Shh, don’t say anything, yet. Let me listen to your heartbeat,” she said, her ear pressed against his chest. Michael grinned, knowing it must sound like a beating drum.

Graeme stroked Lizzie’s back and, when she turned her head to look up, he captured her mouth in a kiss. Michael thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world to watch the two of them. Graeme pulled her over until she was no longer on top of Michael but nestled between the two men. Michael met Graeme’s gaze and, without a word, both men lowered their mouths to take a breast.

Liz gasped as they suckled and licked. Michael nipped lightly at the tender underside of her breast and was rewarded with a moan. He traced a path down her body, tasting and kissing, while Graeme continued to suckle her breasts. When he reached the silky hair that crowned her womanhood, Michael spread her thighs and moved between her legs.

She had a beautiful pussy. He kissed his way around, nipping at her inner thighs, running his tongue on the sensitive skin between her hip and thighs. When he had her writhing, he buried his face between her thighs and tasted her. He lapped at the cream gathered there and then thrust his tongue inside her hot canal. “God, Lizzie, you taste sweet as honey,” he said, looking up.

“Feels so good,” she whispered.

Michael looked at Graeme, saw the naked desire on his face. He could give him pleasure with a kiss. It wasn’t a big deal; they’d already shared that much. “Kiss me, Graeme. Taste her on my mouth,” he said and rose on his knees to meet Graeme halfway.

“Oh God,” Graeme said, just before his mouth claimed Michael’s. It was a sweet kiss, just enough tongue to share the musky taste of Liz, but not enough to become a distraction. When Graeme pulled back, he licked Michael’s lips.

Liz sighed. “Okay, that was seriously hot, you two.” With a smile Michael returned to his place between her legs and pushed a finger inside as his tongue flicked her clit. Liz’s next words were lost in long, low moans, and Michael knew she was close. He circled her clit, backing off the direct pressure, but slipped another finger inside her pussy. He pumped slowly while he teased her with his tongue.

“Oh, so close… don’t stop…” she gasped.

Michael only laughed. He wasn’t ready to let Liz have her release so quickly. He pushed her knees against her chest, and Graeme helped by holding them there. Michael ran his tongue over the soft skin of her perineum, then lower. He nipped at the cheeks of her ass, then licked his way to the center, until his tongue lightly swept across the tight pucker of her anus. Again and again he returned, until he felt her start to relax. He thrust his tongue against the tight opening, pushing and licking until she was pushing back. He looked an invitation to Graeme, who moved to join him. He shifted to the outside of Liz’s thighs, so Graeme could take over. Michael returned his attention to Liz’s clit, flicking his tongue against the hard little nub. His head was very close to Graeme’s as they concentrated on Liz’s pleasure. Michael moved his fingers, stroking that spot inside he knew would drive her crazy.

Graeme pushed his thumb against her anus until he slipped past the tight ring of nerves. Her moan was loud and guttural. Michael couldn’t help but think about both of them filling her with their cocks, Graeme in her ass while he fucked her pussy. Together they would fill her, their cocks separated by a thin membrane, tight, hot, hard.

He clamped his lips over her clit and massaged with his tongue. He felt her start to go, then muscles in her thighs started to quiver, her hips thrust, and then her pussy was squeezing his fingers as she screamed her pleasure into the night.

He and Graeme slowly brought her back, gentling their mouths, waiting for her muscles to unclench before they removed their fingers. The men collapsed on either side of Liz, both grinning at her inability to form a coherent word.



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