Highland Shift

Highland Shift

The Highland Destiny saga begins in Highland Shift, a tale of betrayal, murder, and magick spanning two continents and hundreds of years. Elena MacFarland wonders what everyone else knows about her new farm that she doesn't, and whether she'll live long enough to find out. Betrayed by her fiancé and the powerful Worthington family, Elena fights back and negotiates a comfortable settlement with one small caveat: she must live in Scotland for two years. One kidnapping and two attempts on her life later, the darkly arrogant Scot, Faolan MacGailtry declares himself her new protector and moves into her farmhouse. Major problem? He was present at all three incidents. Elena decides to follow the adage to keep her friends close and enemies closer--but which is he? One by one, Elena uncovers Faolan's darkest secrets: his Druid heritage, his connection to her past, and finally, the deadly curse that is powerful enough to destroy them both. More info →
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Highland Push

Highland Push

The Highland Destiny saga continues in Highland Push, a tale of betrayal, murder, and magick spanning two continents and hundreds of years. Using the spell of time shifting, Alexander MacLachlan says good-bye to his beloved brother, his brother’s wife, and his own darling Alysone—necessary sacrifices for the survival of Druidry. With his family far in the future preparing for battle, Alex must fulfill his destiny: find the Worthington heir, then kill and be killed. Thrust forward to a time not her own, Alysone and the others discover precious few light Druids remain to offer their protection to Scotia and the world. As the time for the prophesied battle grows nearer, past meets present, and they realize someone besides Alexander is manipulating events. In a race against time, they must discover the lost secrets of Druidry, even as the members of the dark Bresal Etarlam work to destroy all that is light and claim the Druid legacy as their own. More info →
Other books in"Highland Destiny Series":
Highland Pull

Highland Pull

Waking up next to a dead woman was a good indication that Dr. Gabhran MacLachlan was in bigger trouble than he’d realized. Recognizing this as another trap set by the dark Druid Master, Gav races from Edinburgh to New Orleans to find Alysone, a mental patient who claims to have awakened in a reality that isn’t hers. Her story, so close to his own, may be the necessary key to unlock his Druid memories and prevent him from shifting realities once again. When Alysone disappears, Detective Miranda Close is less than thrilled to discover her new landlord and would-be lover is the missing woman’s doctor. Raised in the magick of New Orleans and already familiar with the darkness coiled within Gav, Randi’s belief in the supernatural may be all that saves her life when they are pulled hundreds of years into his past, and only one of them remembers the truth. When realities shift once again, Randi realizes they may be pawns in a much larger game. The Highland Destiny saga continues with a tale of betrayal, murder, and magick that spans two continents and hundreds of years. More info →
Other books in"Highland Destiny Series":
Highland Destiny

Highland Destiny

A tale of betrayal, murder, and magick spanning two continents and hundreds of years. Although Professor Andi Cunningham knows Druidry and magick are real, her dream to recreate a 12th century Scottish castle is destroyed when the Druid who claimed her heart wards her from the land. Now Andi’s deeply hidden Druid powers have been awakened by her new husband, Liam—Ian’s descendant and the son of the Master of the Bresal Etarlam, who wants her untapped power as his own. Ian Worthington, the ancient warrior displaced by time, knows sacrifices must be made for the good of the Order, including his own heart. However, as prophesies are revealed, he discovers sending Andi away for her protection may prove too costly for them all. When Ian convinces her to return to finish her work on the castle, both sides in the Druid conflict are pleased. With both Ian and Liam keeping secrets, Andi must uncover the darkest secrets of her Druid heritage and the connection to the past, before the upcoming battle destroys the balance of power, forever. All that’s at stake is the fate of the world. More info →
Other books in"Highland Destiny Series":


  1. 12-11-2014

    Will there be a ‘wrap-up’ book for Pulp Friction 2014? I’ve bought and read all the other titles and wondered if you would be doing a final book by all four of you? FYI, I loved each of the 2014 series, but have to admit that I found Scott & Rob and the kids the most enjoyable. I’ve just pre-ordered Ride the Storm and am looking forward to reading it in a few days! Thanks for continuing to write!

  2. 12-11-2014

    Loved the Separate Ways series…will there be book 5…… I surely hope so !!!!

    • 12-11-2014

      Hi Theresa,

      I honestly don’t know if I will write another one. Right now, the series is being made into audio books, so I’m focusing on that for the moment, but it would be nice to have Jamie and Remy together through a whole book, wouldn’t it?

  3. 12-2-2014

    I have loved reading your books and have most of them.
    I’ve just signed up for your emails too. Do you plan on adding a ‘What’s Coming Soon’ to your website? It makes the anticipation of a new book that much more exciting.
    As I said… LOVE your writing.

    • 12-11-2014

      I definitely need to do that—thanks for the suggestion!

  4. 11-24-2014

    just listened to Honey House on audible was great but was wanting to know if there was a book 2 on Honey House.I will be reading some of your other stuff,I like your style

    • 12-11-2014

      Thanks Rachelle—I hope so. I really love KC and Quinn!

  5. 11-20-2014

    Hi Laura, I have desperately been trying to find your Highland Destiny series books 2, 3 and 4 in paper back or hard cover books. I read Highland Shift and would like to purchase the rest of the series. I don’t like reading e-books as it bothers my eyes badly. Do you have any idea on how I can get a hold of these books? I love the story…

    • 12-11-2014

      Thanks for asking, Stephanie. They are in process right now—they should all be available before the end of the year.

  6. 11-11-2014

    When will your site be back up.

  7. 9-2-2014

    I meant more stories with Remy & Jamie.

  8. 9-2-2014

    Kremlin stories with Remy & Jamie! Continue the WSR series. I enjoy your writing style & the characters you develop.

  9. 8-28-2014

    Thanks so much for the WSR list of books.

  10. 8-27-2014

    ooh, Laura, I’m going to be ‘on pins and needles’ for a couple of days…anxiously awaiting Friday!

  11. 8-27-2014

    I love the WSR series but I can’t seem to fing book 5 could someone tell me the title.

    • 8-28-2014

      1. Ty Hard
      2. Hold Tight
      3. Taking Chance
      3.5 Ty’d Down
      4. Hanging Chad
      5. Park’s Lot
      5.5 Kismet and Cartwheels (bonus book)
      6. Whit’s End

      Hope that helps :)

  12. 8-21-2014

    One of my first set of books by her I read and I could not set it down wish the series had more books

  13. 8-21-2014

    Does Earthquake, Snow Snap and Blown Away come in box sets

  14. 8-21-2014

    I read Fighting Fire and would like to know if and when book 5 I believe it is coming out or if there is one.

  15. 8-21-2014

    Just downloaded and I am sure it will be as good or better than the books I have read by her.

  16. 8-5-2014

    Laura só posso mais uma vez dizer muito obrigado e que esperava ansiosamente pelo ultimo livro da série e pela dedicatória que tão gentilmente me prestou no terceiro livro da série AMO seus livros agora vou correndo ler este beijos e obrigado .
    Carinhosamente Danny.

  17. 8-4-2014

    WOW!!! Would love to read more!!!! What a way to capture ones attention and leave them wanting note!!!

    • 8-4-2014

      Sorry, leave them wanting more, not note!!!

  18. 8-3-2014

    Ohhhh another hot one!

  19. 8-3-2014

    Only time I’ve tried audio books is when I used to do lots of driving – I was a wholesale book rep in northern New England. Now that I am retired and in Florida, I am totally into e-books. Even though I switched to e-books in 2010 and gave away almost all of my paperbacks to a women’s shelter and a halfway house when I left Maine, we still brought 32 cartons of books down here to Florida. My loving husband continues to leave me alone about my books because I leave him alone about his camera equipment and electronics stuff. I’ll have to try audio books again just around the house – I have an iPod Touch, so will try with that.

    As to Forbidden Love, this excerpt sounds great – I have 30 of your books already Laura, just have to add this to my ‘to be purchased’ list – not sure how I missed it!

  20. 8-3-2014

    I love audio books. I’m listening to the Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh right now.

  21. 8-3-2014

    Love the excerpt =) Can´t wait for my chance to read more!
    Happy Sunday!
    fr_larsson at hotmail dot com

  22. 8-3-2014

    Audio books sound awesome! Wish I could enjoy…unfortunately, my ears don’t work. Have to stick to the print :)
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  23. 8-3-2014

    I do like listening to audio books but my favorites are the whispersync ones, where I can switch back and forth between ebook and audio. You’ve got your book no matter what you’re doing!

  24. 8-3-2014

    Ohhh… I liked the excerpt. Thanks!
    Mhupp20032003(at) yahoo (dot)com

  25. 8-3-2014
  26. 8-3-2014

    love the looks of the book…will have to get a copy


  27. 8-3-2014

    37 hours? Wow … I’m pretty sure I finished Books1-4 in less time (which is probably why I’ve yet to sample an audiobook. I’m impatient, and I tend to skip around a lot).

    • 8-3-2014

      I love to listen when I’m driving, since I wouldn’t be able to read then.

  28. 8-2-2014

    i love listening to audio books when im in the car

  29. 8-2-2014

    I listening to audiobooks! Thanks for the giveaway!

  30. 8-2-2014

    I would love to get into audiobooks but at heart I still love to read. Right now would be a great time to start. ;)

  31. 8-2-2014

    I like listening to audio books.

  32. 8-2-2014

    I LOVE audio books! I listen to them in the car, and all day at work (although my boss does wonder how I can draft legal documents AND listen to a book at the same time!).

    • 8-3-2014

      LOL…I love that!

  33. 8-2-2014

    I haven’t listened to a lot of audio books, but the ones I’ve listened to have been non fiction. :) But I’m always willing to try fiction! Thanks for taking this blog hop adventure with us.

  34. 8-2-2014

    Forbidden Love sounds like an excellent book! I am going to add it to my must have list because after reading the blurb up there, I’m very curious to find out what happens with Mr. Tall, Dark, and Yummy!

    I love reading a lot but also love audiobooks. I tend to listen to a lot of audio books while doing things like making dinner, washing dishes, and all those other fun house things leading into full on cleaning. They make it way more fun! Of course, I then don’t want to stop listening! One things I really love about audiobooks is you get to hear the names pronounced so you don’t have to go on reading off the names different ways each time if they are a bit more difficult trying to figure them out!

    Thanks for the chance to enter the giveaway and I hope everyone enjoys what’s left of the summer!

    Shelly H

    • 8-3-2014

      I do love hearing the names—and it’s funny when I later see a movie based on the book, I always judge it by the book narrator.

  35. 8-2-2014

    I love listening to audiobooks! They are great when you have to tidy the house or when you are running errands. :) Congrats on getting your books to audio!

  36. 8-2-2014


    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  37. 8-1-2014

    I love listening to audiobooks! Sometimes I don’t have time to hold a book or Kindle & read, so I download a book, put it on my mp3 player & listen to it while i’m running errands. <3

    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

    Take care, & I hope you have a great weekend! =)
    BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

    • 8-3-2014

      I always seem to have my old iPod on my hip, lol.

  38. 8-1-2014

    I haven’t tried the audio book route…yet, but I think that I would like it. I hope to try it out soon.

    jmesparza821 at gmail dot com

  39. 8-1-2014

    I haven’t listened to an audio book since I was a kid, but I imagine that I would still enjoy it.

  40. 8-1-2014

    I love listening to audiobooks. I live in a rural area, so drives to the doctor are 10 hours round-trip. An audiobook is a life-saver!

    • 8-3-2014

      Exactly! Driving time and an audiobook=a great combination!

  41. 8-1-2014

    I enjoy audio books, particularly when my eyes are sore, it’s lovely to lay back and listen to a story being told to me

  42. 8-1-2014

    although I don’t own many audiobooks I do enjoy listening to them

  43. 8-1-2014

    I never tried audio books maybe one day I will.

  44. 8-1-2014

    I’ve not really tried audio books. If I’ve not got a book in my hands I need to be doing something else. Should try them though.

    • 8-3-2014

      I don’t sit and listen, I listen while I’m doing housework—I think if I’m sitting I’d rather have an e-book.

      • 8-3-2014

        I agree I would prefer EBooks over Audio Books

  45. 8-1-2014

    Have never tried an audio book.
    I think it’s about time I do.

    • 8-3-2014

      I agree, lol!

  46. 8-1-2014

    I’ve just started listening to audiobooks, and they’re very intriguing! It’s a whole different experience than print…

  47. 8-1-2014

    I do like listening to audio books as i can listen while I go for walks or drive… I have even set up my laptop to listen to audio books while i soak in a hot bath… Hubby thinks it is weird but It’s me time lol


    • 8-3-2014

      I love that private time to listen while I’m doing other things, as well.

  48. 7-13-2014

    Fantastic series, when is book three due?
    Also love the so sexy cowboys in willow spring series!!

  49. 7-10-2014

    Still waiting and hoping for book 4 of the Separate Ways series. Want more of Remington and Jamie.

  50. 6-30-2014

    When will #4 Prevailing winds be available …love the Separate Ways books !!!!

  51. 6-17-2014

    Hi Laura, I am just finishing the final hd book and like most of the other comments, I couldn’t put them down!! Such a fantastic story!! I can’t wait for the rest, really hope to see more of Ian and Andi’s story. I LOVED all the characters. Will wait with bated breath for more!!!!

  52. 5-28-2014

    Didn’t think I’did enjoy the books. I read 4-5 books per week. Not my usual genre. LOVED THEM! Simply cannot wait for next series. It’s like losing power halfway through a great movie and having to wait (impatiently) for the power to come back! Ugh! Can’t wait for the conclusion! Great writing, felt your characters deeply. So much depth to storyline, a lot of authors make some mistakes with details when there’s multiple books, you didnt. Going to check out some of your other books now. Thank you.

  53. 5-27-2014

    I loved the Fighting Fire series and am absolutely heartbroken to think that Scott died at the end. Did he? Is there another book?

  54. 5-20-2014

    I loved your first book in the Highland series will be reading the rest when I can afford 2

  55. 5-15-2014

    I fell in love with your Seperate Ways series, and am eagerly awaiting book 4. Do you have a release date for Prevailing Winds yet?

  56. 5-9-2014

    I have fallen in love with the WSR characters. When will the next story be available?

  57. 5-1-2014

    I just finished Highland Shift and couldn’t put it down. I will be getting the rest of the series asap but am on a fixed income so have to buy one each month

    • 5-1-2014

      Hi, Betty. Do you live close to a library? It might be a good option too. I must admit I often forget about libraries, so sad considering I used to spend many hours looking at all the books and checking them out. Makes me wonder if libraries will be another tragic loss of the electronic age.

  58. 4-27-2014

    Just finished the first book in the Highland Destiny series, loved it ! Have downloaded book 2 with no problem on Nook. Written very well with likable characters, truly enjoying your writing.

  59. 4-18-2014

    Will there be more books for this series? I have to say the series was the best set of books I read and hope you have more books down the road.

  60. 4-16-2014

    We need to have our reader’s round up soon!

  61. 4-9-2014

    I loved all of the Highland Destiny books. Did I see a small blurb the characters will continue in another series coming soon?

  62. 4-7-2014

    I love the WSR series! i love all the characters especially Cass and Ty. your books are funny and the perfect amount of drama. I was just wondering if there was going to be any more books added to the series? i would love to see more of Cass and his partner Ty.

  63. 4-2-2014

    Can not find Part of me for my Kindle. Where can I find it? I am not computer savy.. so some help would be appreciated. Absolutely loving your books. Keep up the fantastic work!

  64. 3-28-2014

    I love all your books but can’t find, PART OF ME and DEEP BLUES GOODBYE book one of the ALTERED STATES SERIES could you tell me were i can get thesr

  65. 3-25-2014

    Loved all your Willow Spring Ranch books and enjoyed Parks story have read their follow on book Kismit and… My question is are you writing anymore Willow Springs books as I would love to catch up with Cass and the others . Debbie

    • 4-17-2014

      Thank you! Good news then because the next WSR will be out this summer. I’m looking forward to sharing Whit’s End.

  66. 3-20-2014

    Thank you so much!

  67. 3-18-2014

    This is fantastic thank you.


  68. 3-17-2014

    Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

  69. 3-17-2014

    Happy St Patrick’s Day! I hope it has been a lucky one for all!

  70. 3-17-2014

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Thanks for the link to the freebies! shandra.torbett(@)gmail.com

  71. 3-17-2014

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! Thank you for the head’s up on the All Romance giveaway also!

    boosk4me67 at ymail dot com

  72. 3-17-2014

    Love your books!!! Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

  73. 3-17-2014

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
    liese1235 at gmail dot com

  74. 3-17-2014

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope you have a great day and now I’m off to look for those books that you have one sale! Thanks for sharing!

  75. 3-17-2014

    I loved the Willow Springs Ranch series! Please tell me there will be another one! I just can’t seem to get enough!

  76. 3-17-2014

    testing the comments…

  77. 3-17-2014

    Thank you so much for the blog hop. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!! Not too sure if anybody told you that we are unable to post under the Kiss Me! I’m Irish! Blog Hop. Thanks for letting me know that All romance eBooks is having a Go Green Sale and Giveaway.

  78. 3-16-2014

    I do not think I have ever read a series so fast and so intently. Not even Nora Roberts! The twists and turns and the in depth storytelling bring the reader into the story completely. Just when you think you know where the story is going…. I am a fan for life!! I love the way that each volume includes all the characters throughout. Please please bring the new Highland stories soon! These books are truly inspired.

    • 3-17-2014

      Thank you so much for the kind words. I am so excited to delve into the the new series—research has started!

  79. 3-9-2014

    I’ve just finished the first book. Extremely well written. Loved the characters and the plot. Very few books that have a tragic plot twist make me cry, but this one did. Well done. Just bought the second book and will be starting it shortly. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

    • 3-17-2014

      Thank you—I am looking forward to returning to this world later this year. :)

  80. 3-4-2014

    Wow! This series was amazing. Laura you truly know how to capture our hearts (and libidos) with your ability to bring each new character to life. Truly enjoyed every moment and am looking forward to book 5. Hurry!! :)

    • 3-17-2014

      Thank you, for a lovely compliment!

  81. 2-20-2014

    After discovering you with the Threes Allowed Collection (and LOVING IT!), I moved onto the Willow Springs Ranch series and LOVED IT ALSO! Just bought Park’s Lot from All Romance and am anxiously planning to read it tonight after work…THANK YOU, Laura for your wonderful storylines and hot, hot sex! As a hetero woman, I was sort of surprised to find myself getting aroused when reading M/M books, but then realized that is confirmation that “Love is Love” as I’ve said for years. Those in our country who want to deny that should be strongly encouraged to read your books – maybe they would finally understand!!!

    • 2-20-2014

      Thank you! I do believe most people can fall in love with the right person—regardless of gender—if there were so many pressures from society. You are so right. Love is love, people are people, and we should be able to be with the one(s) who fit. <3

      • 10-28-2014

        I have read all three highland books and can’t wait to know about a fourth. I am dying to know what happens with everyone! Please let me know when it will be out and what to look for.

  82. 2-20-2014

    I am very glad to see Park’s Lot is out just went to Amazon and bought the book and look forward to reading it. Will there be a Book 7 and on?

    • 2-20-2014

      LOL…yes, Dennis, the next book is already started. I bet when you read Park’s Lot you’ll be able to guess at the next couple.

  83. 2-19-2014

    I just finished the Highland Destiny series and loved it! That was my first taste of your work. I was happy to discover on your website that you not only write Highland time travel (my favorite since Linda Howard Son of the Morning) but you have a kinky side also. I am looking forward to reading your entire catalog. Keep it coming!

    • 2-19-2014

      LOL…yes, I might have been accused of being a little kinky from time to time. ;D

  84. 2-15-2014

    Just finished Book 1 to 4 of the WSR group and would like to know when Book 5 will be out. I have never been a gay romance novel reader till I found the books I spoke on. As a trucker it makes my time sitting at a receiver or shipper not so bad since I can read your books while I sit
    Thanks and looking for more books by you.

    • 2-19-2014

      Park’s Lot, WSR #5 will be out tomorrow- 2/20/14. I can’t wait!

  85. 2-13-2014

    I got the first book of separate ways free on bookbub. That was 2 days ago, and now have bought 2 & 3 and just finished them. Came to your site to find out exactly when book 4 comes out. From reading your fan mail, I will start on your other series soon. But can’t wait so spend another day with Jamie &Remy.

    • 2-19-2014

      Prevailing Winds, book 4 in the series will be out in late spring. :) I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed them.

      • 3-7-2014

        I also got your first book of the series via Bookhub and immediately purchased the next two and can’t wait until the next one is available. I found myself torn on who I would like to see with Remy but always came back to pulling for Jamie. Late Spring can’t come fast enough.

        • 3-17-2014

          Thanks, Wanda!
          That’s officially the next project :)

  86. 2-13-2014

    I just finished Highland Destiny. I started with Highland Shift and decided to purchase the . entire series. I could not believe how it pulled me to read the entire series. I cried when I found out what happened to Elena and could not believe it. Honestly, I asked myself “why did she do that? She just ruined the whole thing.” I should have known better. I believe that the last one was the best in the series. I am, however; a bit disappointed. There were a lot of unanswered questions toward the end, not with how the story went, but more like … what happened to the rest of the characters. Liam – will he be seduced back to the dark side. Being a descendant of Ian, I am hoping not. I have a feeling that he will fall along the way, but find redemption. Kheelen – he does need a dose of his own medicine. Rhyannah and hubby – what happens next. I do hope you would continue with this story and in the very near future, like publish in the next 3 months. You are a wonderful and very believable author. Please let me know when the next book in this story line is published. One last thing – I love novels about the highlands/highlanders and time travel. You introduced other world characters and put them all together wonderfully. Your story line and plot is quite different from others I read and kept me on my toes. Truly an original. Keep up. Keep it going.

    • 2-19-2014

      What a lovely note, thank you so much. There is much to explore with the left overs from the Highland Series, and I cannot wait to get started. I have a couple of projects that must be finished, but then it’s time to see what mischief Liam is going to get into next. (And yes…we must do something about Kheelen!)

      • 2-23-2014

        I can’t wait. Thank you for being such a wonderful writer. I am going to look over your other books (series). Most likely, I will start with the Willow Springs Ranch series. It has a lot of great reviews and I am sure I will love it.

  87. 2-11-2014

    Just finished reading all the books in the Willow Springs Ranch Series. I LOVED them!!! I can’t wait until the next one comes out. I am so glad that you continue with everyone’s stories in each book. I love knowing what is happening with all the characters. I can’t say I have a favorite character, because you made me love them all!!! I am looking forward to the next book in the series. I am going to start reading the Highland Destiny Series now.

    • 2-19-2014

      Thank you, Kim! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the Highland series. <3

  88. 2-11-2014

    “Continental Divide” is highlighted today on eBookDaily.com:


  89. 2-8-2014

    Are there going to be anymore Honey House books?

    • 2-9-2014

      Yes, the next book is Shades of Blue and should be out late spring.

  90. 2-7-2014

    Just finished the first highland destiny book, what is the second book so I can rpurchase, I have a nook.

    • 2-9-2014

      In order:
      Highland Shift
      Highland Pull
      Highland Push
      Highland Destiny

      Thanks for reading!

  91. 2-7-2014

    loved separate ways. please say they’re will be a number 4. I need an ending!!!!!!!!!!

    • 2-9-2014

      #4 is Prevailing Winds and will be released late spring. :)

  92. 2-5-2014

    Laura, thank you! I just finished 3.5 of the Willow Springs Ranch series, about to search for #4 and had to stop in and say thank you! Ty and Cass have found their way into my heart as well as the rest of the cast of characters! They have come right off the pages to titilate, concern, excite and worry your reader at every turn! Thank you for making the sex just enough to turn us on without being trashy and out of their character! As a gay man I find so many of the gay romances to be grossly overwritten when it comes to the lovemaking and quite frankly if I wanted it that graphic I’d watch porn!

    Once again thank you and I can’t wait to establish a long reading relationship with all your characters!


    • 2-9-2014

      Thank you! Your words arrived on the perfect day as I am neck deep in WSR 5 edits and needed the reassurance :D

      • 2-9-2014

        I can’t wait for it to come out!! I have fallen in love with the gang at the WSR!!

  93. 1-25-2014

    Just finished “Highland Shift” and ready to order the remaining books! Having visited Scotland in the past your story takes back to a land I love. That being said, you combine all that I look for in series reading! And…always a treat to meet someone who knows my hometown of Brunswick ;)

  94. 1-25-2014

    Love the series! I downloaded the first 3 from Kobo, but the fourth is not available. Do you know when it will be available? I have to know what happens next!

    • 2-1-2014

      I enjoyed the whole Highland series and want to know what’s going to happen to the team next.

      • 2-9-2014

        Me too!!!! <3 Thanks for reading, and I will be focusing on the next series this summer.

  95. 1-24-2014

    I enjoyed the complete series, I found it a few weeks ago thru a lend and bought and read the complete series in one week. I loved the characters, so much personality, I could not stop reading the them. Great balance of fantasy, romance, mystery, humor and EXCELLENT writing. Some writers get carried away with too many verbs, this was a great read and want more!!!!! Can’t wait for the spin off to arrive… When can be expecting that?? I would and have recommended your books, my new FAVORITE author, thank you!!

  96. 1-23-2014

    just finished highland shift, absolutely loved it! I was so wrapped up in the story I thought I was in it. Can’t wait to read more. You are wonderful! :-)

  97. 1-21-2014

    I just finished reading “Highland Shift”. While it has much to recommend it, I do suggest that you get a more proficient proofreader before publishing. There were a few instances of words used that were pretty close to the word that *should* have been used, but I’m sorry to say that the only one that I remember is “centurion”. (That one has haunted me for a few days now.) Just so you know, a *centurion* is an officer in the army of ancient Rome. A *centenarian” is a human who has reached the age of 100 years. In the scene in question, I had the peculiar mental image of a man in armor and a Roman military kilt, solicitously serving food to the characters in the novel. Strange. I kept trying to superimpose the image of an extremely elderly waiter, but to no avail.

  98. 1-20-2014

    Laura, I just completed the Highland Destiny series. I absolutely loved them all!!!!! I laughed, rejoiced, and cried with them all!!! I was transported to their many times and thoroughly enjoyed as well as could picture in my mind the places that they visited and lived!! I thank you for a most enjoyable series to get wrapped up in!!!! I look forward to reading more!!!!

  99. 1-19-2014

    Hi, I love the altered state books. When will you be releasing book 3 ?

  100. 1-17-2014

    I recently discovered you when I was searching for ménage titles at All Romance – and found the Three’s Allowed Collection — WOW!!! It was my first title(s) of yours and I’ve since gone back to purchase seven more. The original five (Three’s Allowed) have ALL I want in my reading – lots of LOVE, lots of HOT SEX, a STORYLINE and a HEA…what more could a girl ask? Although when I began to read books a LONG time ago, I always thought a romance was just M/F, I have in recent years discovered that I enjoy “love outside the lines” A LOT and have proceeded to look for favorite authors in other areas of romance. THANK YOU for your dedication to giving us a story along with the sex — it makes me want to go back and read your books over and over again. I’ve bookmarked your website, author page in All Romance and just signed up for your blog notifications. Keep on writing, Laura, and I’ll keep on reading…

  101. 1-14-2014

    I will be waiting and looking VERY, VERY forward to it!

  102. 1-13-2014

    Just finished the Highland Destiny series & I LOVED THEM!! Did I read something about a sequel? If not, how soon can you make that happen? I’m gonna need you to drop everything & get on that now! But seriously, awesome job! I never comment on author’s sites, so feel honored because I’ve read like millions of books ;)

    • 1-13-2014

      LOL, Leanne—I do feel honored. I am chomping to get started on the spin-off. I have a couple other projects to clear up, but I plan to have it before the end of the year. I’m already doing the research…and that’s the first step!

  103. 1-8-2014


    • 1-9-2014

      Thanks, Will. Not sure it’s brilliant, but it sure is my experience as a writer. :)

  104. 1-8-2014

    I just finished HD1 and loved it; however, I do have a – very important to me – question or two. What happened to Shadow and Rascal? Does Shadow continue to travel with Elena? Also, do we get to see a continuation of Elena and Faolan’s adventures? It feels like a whole series could be born just from the blunders they get into as they rediscover hidden/forgotten knowledge.

    • 1-9-2014

      HD1 is Highland Shift, and the whole 4-book series is now available. And yes, Shadow is definitely “heard” from again. :D

      • 5-7-2014

        You say shadow will be heard from again but you didn’t answer about hearing about Elena and Faolan again……

  105. 1-7-2014

    I read all four of the Highland Novels, which were beautifully written, with such detail you could picture Scotland purely by Laura’s words alone. The plot of each book intermingle with the next bringing on new and exciting characters, plots and climaxes that never seem to end.
    Thank you Laura for such wonderful novels to enjoy and I hope there will be more to come. You are credit to the literary community and a absolutely wonderful writer/novelist.

    • 1-9-2014

      Thank you, your words mean so much. There is definitely more to explore in the Highland World. <3

  106. 1-6-2014

    trying to get Part of Me but cant find it on amazon?

    • 1-9-2014

      Thanks for you question, Nikkih. Part of me is currently being revised and greatly expanded. It was intended to be a short story, but the characters won’t stop yapping. I’ll post more about it, soon.

  107. 1-6-2014

    Laura, Thank you, Thank you, for the Highland Destiny series. I picked up Highland Shift for free through Bookbub. The characters and storyline are amazing. I read all four within the week. As a big fan of KMM, I feel overjoyed to be able to add you as another favorite author. Again, Thank you!! Looking forward to more time with the Highland Destiny characters.

    • 1-9-2014

      Thank you Elaine, and I’m more than flattered to have my name mentioned along with KMM. There is definitely more to come from this world. <3

  108. 1-5-2014

    That was so hot! Here is nothing but snow with more snow.

  109. 1-5-2014

    Just read Highland Shift ! WOW ! ! I have enjoyed paranormal books for quite a while . This was a free book from Amazon, needless to say I am going to continue the series. You are master of the written word. I am amazed at your talents, please don’t ever stop!

  110. 1-5-2014

    I love your books.

  111. 1-5-2014

    Happy New Year! Thanks for being on the hop. As I sit here in a blizzard, I am finding lots of time to read. Adding you to my TBR.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

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    Love, love, LOVED the Highland Destiny series and am looking forward to reading more of your books. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  114. 1-5-2014

    I love finding new to me authors! I already went to Amazon and picked up your freebies and added more to my To Buy list. Thanks for being part of the hop!

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    Best wishes for the New Year and thanks for being part of the blog hop.

    • 1-5-2014

      Happy New Year to you, too. Thanks for stopping by.

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    I’m headed to Goodreads right now to check out your books. I LOVE discovering new indie authors.

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      Thanks for taking the time to look.

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    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!

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      Thanks, Samantha.

  118. 1-4-2014

    Have some of your books just haven’t had a chance to read them yet. So many books, so little spare time. Love m/m. Love shifters and sci-fi. Love romance, especially erotic. Only thing I won’t read are thriller/horror, and historical is very rare on my shelves.


    • 1-5-2014

      Sounds like we’re a perfect match, lol. Thanks for stopping by.

  119. 1-4-2014

    haven’t read any of your books yet but I went to amazon and downloaded the free ones to give you a try. they sound good. thanks for the books. happy new year.

    • 1-5-2014

      Perfect! I always want people to start with the freebies. I truly believe there’s no sense spending money on an author who doesn’t entertain you. Thanks for the try!

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    Love your writing. I have Continental Divide waiting for me on my Kindle right now. :)
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

    • 1-5-2014

      Oh, I hope you enjoy CD. That’s my favorite MM Series. One more book to write.

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      Thanks and it’s nice to meet you, Jeannie.

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      Thanks, Bookjunky—I hope you enjoy!

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    I hope that you have a wonderful year filled with writing (says selfish me) and lots of good chocolates and reading a well – Happy 2014!

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      You know the right path to a writer’s heart, lol!

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      You’re welcome, Vanessa—Good luck!

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      Thanks, Laurie! You came over from the TRS Christmas Party, right? Nice to see you.

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    Love your Willow Springs Ranch series. First series I read by you, I read it all over again before a new one comes out. I need to get busy since I know another one is coming out, about Parker. <3 the two Whisper Taboo as well. How about more Tavish Black? :)

    • 1-5-2014

      LOL…yes, Park’s Lot is due out at the end of the month-ish. Oh, and I have Switched, the next Tavish Black book to finish, soon, too!

  135. 1-3-2014

    Just read book one of HD. Loved it! Now to get the other three. Thanks for writing them.

    • 1-11-2014

      Thank you and you’re very welcome!

      • 1-26-2014

        Just read all 4 books in 5 days couldn’t put them down absolutely loved them and just wondered if you would be continuing the series as I would to read more

  136. 1-3-2014

    I love your book Highland Shift. It was wonderful.

    • 1-5-2014

      Thanks Belinda, I hope you’re able to read the whole series. It’s my personal favorite!

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    You rock my socks with every book you make, every character you break…

    I’ll be watching you. :)

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      LOL, Love you, too, Will!

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      Thank you, Kim!

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      Thank you, that means so much!

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      Thank you Trix…I have TWO MM coming out in the next few weeks!

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    Wow got the first book free of amazon, read it it was so good. Perfect escape as soon as I finished book one I was reading the next, I laughed and cried, was elated when Elena brought back :) I’m now anxiously awaiting what will happen next. This were so good I bought and read all four books in 1 day. You are very talented, and I’m checking into your other book.

    • 1-1-2014

      Thank you for letting me know, I love to be swept away into another world—nice to hear that you feel the same!

  146. 1-1-2014

    I just finished the first book in the HIGHLAND DESTINY series and loved it. I love books about shifters and the highlands so to combine the two made a great book. I can’t wait to read the other 3 books in the series.

  147. 12-31-2013

    Agreed…bought it the day it came out and could not put it down…ready for the next. Laura you are fabulous!!!

    • 1-1-2014

      Thank you Kelli!

  148. 12-30-2013

    Just finished #4 of the Highand Destiny series. Got the first via Bookbub daily free offerings. Others from Amazon. Could NOT put these books down. Good thing Maine has been inundated with snow- my excuse for staying home past week.:D Looking forward to what comes next with Keean and Liam.

    • 12-30-2013

      Thank you for letting me know, Mary! What part of Maine are you in? My oldest sone was gown in South Harpswell near Brunswick. :)

  149. 12-26-2013

    How many books will there be to this series?

    • 12-27-2013

      Hi Cindy,
      Highland Destiny is the fourth and final book in the original Highland Destiny series. There is a spin-off series in the works that will continue with the same world-but set in Ireland. Many of the HD characters will make visits, but you will definitely see Kheelen and Marty work to expand their influence among the Fae. (Maybe even a new version of the Saucy Sorcerer with Liam.)

      • 1-10-2014

        Great I was hoping the story would continue. It’s a great read

        • 1-11-2014

          Thanks, Sandy!

  150. 12-25-2013

    Tee hee – very evil chuckle there – just had a stroke of genius. Get one of those each year – so not sure whether it’s late for this year or super duper early for next year. I would LOVE to interview you for my blog if you are interested: bullseye-bullying.blogspot.com. It is about bullying but I recently began featuring interviews/articles on and about new and established inspirational people in the public eye – would love to include you if interested?

  151. 12-25-2013

    Hi Laura. MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and yours too. And I do wish you all the bestest new year ever. Couldn’t resist an ear to ear grin when you mentioned your ‘sugar high’ – I had surgery exactly a week prior to Christmas Day and had been living on jelly and icecream! Now, to most NORMAL people, that probably would have been absolutely heaven on earth – but I’m not a sweet tooth! So I had about a week on solid jelly and icecream – THEN someone suggested V8 juice – YES. So I’ve since changed to that and at it right through Christmas Day! Hey – good way NOT to gain weight over Christmas! Seriously – have a wonderful new year to you all.
    Bestest from HOT Australia

    • 12-27-2013

      I hope everything is well, because jelly, ice cream or V-8…well, you need better than that! I can’t wait to get back to my summery heat, here, lol. I definitely need to plan a trip to Oz during your summer!

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    Merry Christmas to you and yours as well Laura.

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      Thank you Claudia!

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    Just wanted to send greetings back to you, and we just finished our cinnamon rolls, too.

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      Such a nice tradition :) Have a fabulous day!

  154. 12-22-2013

    I just finished book 4 and loved it. with all four books I laughed and cried while at the edge of my seat the whole time. Your characters and the way they relate to each other brings your story to life. I have truly enjoyed this series. Thank you for the break in reality and I hope some day there can be a continuation, your characters are so rich I hate to see them end

    best of luck and much success

    • 12-23-2013

      Thank you, that is absolutely the best compliment. As I kept going through Highland Destiny I realized, even though we’d gotten to the end of the original story arc with Martin, there was just so many other parts of the story I wanted to explore. I’m looking forward to the adventure!

  155. 12-21-2013

    I read all the books in the “Separate Series” and was hoping there will be a book 4. I sure hate for the story to end the way it did.

    All in all, I thought the stories were great with lots of action and believable characters.

    • 12-21-2013

      Thank you! No worries, book four will be out in late April.

  156. 12-20-2013

    Do you know when Highland Destiny will be on iBooks? I got the first 3 and several other of Laura’s books there.

    • 12-27-2013

      Hi Melissa,
      iTunes is unpredictable. Some books upload in a day or two, I have another that’s been languishing for over 30 days. Additionally, their website for administration of publishing books is on a two week hiatus. (Seriously?) The site is supposed to go live again sometime tomorrow, so I will be able to check the status, and I’ll be sure to update you.

  157. 12-13-2013

    I’m new to ebooks, and have become addicted. I would love to add you to my library, I have loved vampires and paranormal and Gothic since I was old enough to buy them, now in my 50’s I’ve discovered erortica I’m lost . my husband will find me curled up reading, I don’t have a kindle or nook, but my andoid works fine as long as I can download it on Google books.

    • 12-13-2013

      *Curls up next to Debbie* I’m right with you! Welcome and I’m glad you stopped by!

  158. 12-11-2013

    How about the separate ways series? Is the forth one coming?

    • 12-11-2013

      Hi Marjorie. The fourth Separate Ways is scheduled for a late April release. I should have a date and cover reveal after the first of the year. Thanks for asking. <3

      • 12-11-2013

        Thanks, looking forward to it. I enjoy that series so much.

  159. 12-10-2013

    I checked Amazon to pre-order Highland Destiny Book 4 and it’s not showing up. Also, if I so a search nothing shows up.

    • 12-11-2013

      Hi Nancy,
      I would love to have Highland Destiny on pre-order at Amazon. Unfortunately, only the biggest indie authors and New york publishers have that option. I have been told consumers can request a title/author for pre-order, since Amazon tries to honor customer requests, but I don’t know.

  160. 12-5-2013

    I love this series, when is book 4 releasing, I can’t find anything on It at all.

    • 12-10-2013

      Hi Carol,
      Highland Destiny releases December 19. I can’t believe how close we are now. Did you get a chance to watch the book trailer?
      Thanks for reading!

  161. 12-2-2013

    Stumbled across your work searching free books and found Ty Hard. Loved it and the characters so much I purchased books 2, 3 AND 4!

    • 12-10-2013

      Thank you, Rachel! That is lovely to hear. I love my guys at the WSR. Don’t forget the other freebie in the series, Ty’d Down. (It’s book 3.5, lol.)

  162. 11-30-2013

    Love the Altered States series. When is the next book coming out,.

    • 12-2-2013

      Thanks for asking. Tom and I are working hard and should have two new Altered States books early next year…think late January and mid-March.

  163. 11-29-2013

    Thank you! What a beautiful card.

  164. 11-28-2013

    Happy Thanksgiving, Laura

    • 11-28-2013

      Thank you! Same to you!

  165. 11-25-2013

    I love the Highland Destiny series. Got hooked when first book was offered free via facebook page ( I love Vampire Novels) linked to Amazon. Wonderful evocative descriptions and very interesting subject matter. Read all 3 one after the other. When is book 4 coming? I read using my Kindle.

    • 11-28-2013

      The final book in the series is out on Dec. 19 <3

  166. 11-21-2013

    Highland shift is awesome, found you on amazon looking for paranormal romance, Highland Shift did my search justice!

    • 11-28-2013

      That’s good news to hear the tag terms work! I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.


  167. 11-21-2013

    Got mine! Sounds like good holiday reading material!

    • 11-28-2013

      Thak you, enjoy!

  168. 11-19-2013

    Here is one new fan, I got the book free at Barnes and Noble when it was listed on I Love Vampire Novels list and am now hooked.

  169. 11-16-2013

    I just finished Highland Push (#3 in that series). It was very good, as is the entire series to that point. I’m anxious for the next book – out next month(?). They are quite erotic (but I was warned and I appreciate that) but at my age (76) I can pretty much say ‘I’ve read it all!’ ;-) Thanks for a very good series.

  170. 11-13-2013

    Really enjoyed “Highland Shift”. It was suggested on the Moning Maniacs FB page so don’t be surprised if you have several new fans.

    • 11-16-2013

      Wow…now that is an honor! I love KMM. Maybe we can do a giveaway when the final book is released next month. Thanks for the heads up!

    • 1-2-2014

      Highland Shift was an excellent read a definite fan. Would love to continue that story line more.

  171. 10-19-2013

    I hope there is more (#3) books on the separate ways series. I really like the series.

    • 10-25-2013

      Moving Mountains is Book 3, and it will be released on November 1. :)

      • 11-16-2013

        I just finished Moving Mountains. Loved it. Sure hope ther’s a book 4. You can’t leave Jamie and Remy like that.

        • 11-16-2013

          I promise, I won’t. Look for book 4 in late spring.


  172. 7-31-2013

    Haha! Forbidden love is what I write about too :)

  173. 7-18-2013

    Can’t wait to read this. Will it be up for pre-order?

  174. 7-18-2013

    I am really liking your bk. cannot wait to read

  175. 7-10-2013

    You don’t have to never have to wet my appetite, if you write it I’ll read it!! Love Archer, Jeremiah and Nick. I want more Altered States, TRAVIS!!

    • 7-11-2013

      Thanks, honey-you know I appreciate it!

  176. 7-10-2013

    You may have half-a-year over, but I FOUND you this year! and hopelessly became a fan :)

    I was an absolute ‘gonner’ with “Altered States” last year in the MMRomance freebies – so I now pick up everything you do/did :) regardless. You have brought me such fun and awesomeness in this half-year, and I am so totally committed!!

    Count me in as a dedicated fan :)

    • 7-11-2013

      Oh, wow! I didn’t know that was where you found me, lol. I loved writing that story, and when Tom agreed to come along with my hair-brained scheme…well, the rest was history!We’ll have another entry in the series fairly soon. We both are finishing current projects, then that bad boy is up. :)
      Thank you Carole-Ann!


  177. 7-8-2013

    Welcome back. Life has a way of getting in the way of life. :) Looking forward to anything that comes out of your talented mind. Oh Dan and I have become sort of buddies on twitter over your book covers. <3

    • 7-9-2013

      Honestly, Dan’s art is the story behind the WSR books. I saw the photo that eventually became the cover of Ty Hard and the story popped into my head. Then all I had to do was work up the nerve to send him a note-that’s literally how we met, lol.

      • 7-9-2013

        I’m buying all the hard copies, one because I love the series and two because of such great covers. :))

  178. 4-3-2013

    Sign me up, bring it on, I can’t wait for the print. You have made me so happy. I read most of mine on KOBO, but I have the Kindle and Nook apps on my tablet. I get your books any place I can find them. signed your groupie :)

    • 4-4-2013

      *Grins* I don’t think I’ve ever had a groupie before-kinda fun!

  179. 4-3-2013

    Although I prefer pdf for my laptop, I also have a Kindle – yeah! so I won’t miss out!!

    I have reservations with Amazon/Kindle in that they can (within some circumstances) delete ones bought books and they have a control that I’m not particularly happy with. I have circumvented this by using “Kindle for PC” which means I can download books not only to my Kindle but also to my hard-drive on my laptop. :)

    However, like Elaine says, I’m more than prepared to read your books in any format – as long as I can get them !!!!

    • 4-4-2013

      There is always so much controversy surrounding Amazon, isn’t there? I must say, I was very pleased with the result of the giveaways I’ve run through them. There are a lot of sites offering free promotion for the Kindle free books.

  180. 4-3-2013


    • 4-4-2013

      Thanks, Elaine- I always enjoy your comments.

  181. 3-28-2013

    That sounds like a paranormal I might actually read! I’m so over human detectives in worlds with paranormals. Also? Hot, and also? I’ve totally had co-workers like that.

    • 4-3-2013

      Thanks, I hope you enjoy!

  182. 3-19-2013

    I would like to read the this book but cant find it anywhere Would love to find out what happens to sam and travis

    • 4-3-2013

      I’m sorry, I missed this comment earlier. Currently, Deep Blues Goodbye and Deadly Shades of Gold are only available through Amazon.

  183. 2-25-2013

    I loved attending the GRL 2012 as an author. I found the news very distressing as there is a high probability I won’t be able to snag one of the supporting author spots. I personally don’t care about attention (actually I try to avoid it especially the speaking outloud bits) but I do find the title of author very meaningful… So I hope there will be an alternative other than the reader title on our tags… nothing against readers other than I am jealous they actually get to read the books they purchase! LOL. I am a writer. I write gay romance and while I can usually share that in my day to day world…. at the GRL I hope it won’t be a problem.

    I believe in the GRL and I believe the organizers are doing their best because I must think the best of people until they prove me wrong…

    In my work life (way long ago) I made a decision to work within the system and make changes for the betterment of the people I served. I love this community and if we are making a wrong turn I want to be around to help suggest/guide it back to where it should be.

  184. 2-24-2013

    Loving this series so far! I read Altered States first and then Deep Blues Goodbye and just finished Deadly Shades of Gold! The writing is excellent and I am completely in love with Sam and Travis! Please don’t make me wait long! All of the books have great cliffhangers!

  185. 2-23-2013

    A lovely both-sides-of-the-coin post! Thank you Laura!

    I couldn’t believe it the other day, and my thoughts went straight out to those M/M authors who are just beginning or who only have 12-18 months under their belts. They also went straight to those established authors who may not make the “must have” list. How embarrassing to discover one may NOT be a “must have”! :(

    Later, there were further explanations from the GRL ‘committee’ which, although allieviating some initial problems, showed how things were to be changed for this year. Much of their reasoning is logical, but may reveal a financial handicap for some, and a possible decline in reader attendance because “my favourite author isn’t there!”

    It is wonderful that the world is opening to m/m romance and all those who support it; but it’s slightly naive of the organisers not to recognise HOW popular it has become.


  186. 2-22-2013

    Well said, Laura. You’ve always had a way with words, and I’m glad you shared this. Thank you.

  187. 2-17-2013

    Sounds like an intriguing series.

  188. 2-17-2013

    Please enter me. Nice excerpts.

  189. 2-17-2013

    Those two look great, I added them to my TBR. Wish I’d known ahead of time, I’d have gotten them then. Oh well, thanks for sharing!


  190. 2-17-2013

    Thanks for the excerpts, sound great!


  191. 2-17-2013

    Cant wait to read more! Sounds so good! Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! :)

  192. 2-17-2013

    Nice! You have my attention! Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! :)

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    Your series sounds great! Thank you for the awesome hop and giveaway!!! :)

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    Please count me in!
    goingtoreadnow (at) gmail.com

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    please count me in sounds great



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    Niiiceee~~ Please count me in too. :D


  197. 2-16-2013

    Get well soon, Laura! TA’s book looks sexy indeed!


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    I’d love “Deadly Shades of Gold” (but don’t worry, I’ll buy anyway if I don’t win!!!) :)


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      Yes, they freeze, but they’re better fresh. I often make a double batch. I roll up one batch, but don’t cut the rolls. Just wrap it up tightly and refrigerate. When you are ready to make them, cut and put in the pan, then give it an hour or two to rise.

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    Oh, I checked my email. THANK YOU!!!!!

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    Ooh the pie looks amazing! We have cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning too. Last year, I found a recipe for overnight ones so I can make them ahead and take them out to rise for 1/2 hour before baking: http://www.pinkofperfection.com/2009/03/overnight-cinnamon-rolls/

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    I always do sloe gin/cranberry vodka – this year all the rain we’ve had spoiled the sloes so only the vodka. I do christmas pudding ice cream – any combo of dried fruit, cherries, soaked in brandy or other liqueur – used Grand Marnier this year – then after a few days soaking, mix into softened ice cream ( could make my own I suppose!) then backin freezer til the day, as an alternate to the stodgy xmas pud.

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      I’ll post the cinnamon roll recipe tomorrow…and give away another book!

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    Although I do a lot of cookie baking for Christmas, there is one non-cookie item that I always make that is a favorite Holiday recipe that has been passed on from my husband’s Memere.

    Tourtiere (French Meat Pie)

    1 pound ground beef
    1 pound ground pork
    1 onion, walnut size, chopped fine
    2/3 cup mashed potato (NO milk or butter added)
    1/2 teaspoon salt
    1/8 teaspoon pepper
    1/2 teaspoon ground cloves
    1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
    2 pie crusts

    Preheat oven to 450.

    Mix pork, beef and onions in a large skillet; cover with water. Cook, tossing lightly on medium heat, uncovered, until water is gone. If there is a lot of fat, spoon some out. Add potatoes and the remaining ingredients (except the crusts). Mix well.

    Line a 9” pie plate with one crust, fill with mixture, top with remaining crust.

    Bake in hot oven (450) for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 350 and cook for additional 30 minutes or until golden brown.

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    Yes please, and thank you!! for continuing these amazing stories

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    • 11-16-2012

      Thanks, I think, LOL…I don’t want you to have your eyes bleed :)
      I’m glad you enjoyed the book-I love those three, but especially Gabe. Something about his brokenness…

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    I loved this story. This scene just grabbed me and held on until I was Michael and Graeme was seducing me (even though I’m female)

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      Thank you, that’s a perfect compliment!

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    I like reading about cowboys much better than being around them IRL, having spent my younger years living on a ranch *shudders*
    I prefer to read about what’s going on with them personally over then the inner workings of the ranch – unless, of course, it’s relevant to the story plot.

  313. 10-29-2012

    I like all lengths of n=books. It depends on my mood.

  314. 10-29-2012

    Inner workings of the cowboys, but some information on the running of a ranch since I am not familiar enough with the day-to-day business of one.

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    I like it all, but the inner workings of the men…..their thoughts and feelings are definitely more interesting.

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    I’m definitely more interested in the inner workings of the cowboy and his romantic interest than the actual day to day running of a ranch. Though I suppose we need a little ranch /work background to fill out the story.


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    Short and sexy or part of a bigger storyline like a mystery

  319. 10-28-2012

    I like all lengths. Some books I would prefer longer length as I’m reading them, some are just right either short or long, some should probably have been shortened. Overall, I guess I like longer books because I love to be immersed in the story.

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    • 10-25-2012

      Is should be out Thanksgiving week. Appropriate, right?

      • 10-26-2012

        Definitely appropriate – another reason to be thankful this year ;)

        So now I have a new question… I was looking at your Cafe Press Shop when I realized there are items for sale with “Deadly Shades of Gold” (Altered States #2) on them and I don’t know a thing about that next book or when it will be released! So what’s the deal with that one?

        • 10-26-2012

          :) We did a sneak release of that cover for GRL. The book will be out in December and it is the follow up to Deep Blues Goodbye. Tom and I worked on it last week in Albuquerque and the serious writing commences next week.

  324. 10-25-2012

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    So adding this to the ever growing list of gotta haves….lol
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    this cover is TRES HOT!! I LOVE IT :) It’ll fit with the series perfectly, I’m thinking. . . I finally realized it was 2 people, not 3, after I stared at it again this morning :) Congratulatiosn on the upcoming release!



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    I love it! Definitely makes me want to read it. The brown sheet did look like an arm or a third person or something, but I was tired, so…

  330. 10-25-2012

    Heck yeah, it’s suggestive. Wasn’t that the point?!? It is an erotic book so it seems totally appropriate to me. I don’t really like the red and green though unless it’s a Christmas book.

    Thumbs up from me.

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    • 9-8-2012

      Sam is beyond making the decision-he is moments from dying. It will be up to the others to decide…
      Tom and I are working on books two and three, with some more planned after that. I can’t wait to share the news.

      Thanks for reading,

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    Thanks for the chance to win and I will be stalking…err. following you. :}
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    Well Hello…sounds like a great read!

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    • 8-31-2012

      Thanks Sara!

  360. 7-26-2012

    Congratulations to you for standing up to him so effectively. Tampon Mafia here, too. The best defense against predatory stalkers like him is solidarity.

    If anyone published my legal name I’d be irritated, but I don’t have much to lose. I use a pen name; I don’t use a fake identity, and I believe they’re unethical and often appropriative. Anyone who lays claim to a marginalized identity (race, gender, sexuality, etc.) wanting to claim “everything but the burden” is part of the problem.

    Matthew Darringer/Lee Prewett did all that, of course. Plus, he’s a straight-up predator. People have to know this in order to watch out if he tries this again. If anyone has any IP addresses known as his, I suggest they post them publicly.

    As soon as I read some of his blog posts, I was reminded strongly of the case of JT Leroy, a hoax which took place mainly in literary fiction and postpunk and art gallery circles about 10 years ago. JT Leroy claimed to have been a horrible abused underage transsexual truckstop prostitute. JT Leroy’s books won wide acclaim and lots of famous fans. I even read half of one, but it was too over the top for me, and I was a little skeptical. JT Leroy claimed to be too shy to show up in public, but did actually do one signing, appearing as a blond woman in a floppy hat and sunglasses.

    JT Leroy was actually the invention of writer Laura Albert. Full story here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JT_LeRoy. Like James Frey later on, her reputation was ruined for life.

    This was a really messed-up story and I wouldn’t be surprised if Lee Prewett was familiar with it. Unfortunately, his writing wasn’t even strong or disciplined enough to reach Laura Albert’s level, and he got distracted by his pathological hatred for women along the way (not to mention his suspicious obsession with his penis length). He wanted to hurt people more than he wanted literary success. I think he really hates gay men too—many of his diatribes were directed towards gay men who were insufficiently masculine—he just hates women a little bit more.

  361. 7-26-2012

    It is time to heal but also a time to rejoice in the real people of this world who aren’t bigots and who refuse to be bullied by the little dick and heartless mentality this jerkoff showed the world. While I am a huge fan of pay it forward, I am also a strong believer in Karma and mother nature is gonna kick some serious butt. You’ll get your light, shining on you no doubt, darling Matthew, and I would venture what I consider to be an educated guess that it’ll be the very hot light from hell.

  362. 7-26-2012

    Brava! Brava! Brava!

    Laura, you are so correct. It is time to heal. This…abomination cannot continue to hold power over any of us that his cruel words and slanderous attitude touched and affected.

    *HUGS* To everyone who has been upon the receiving end of his viciousness. And to you, Laura, for continuing to shine the light brightly!

  363. 7-26-2012

    Thank you for bringing light to the darkness that is rampant. I don’t know what to make of all this, but hurt that he has bullied and crucified my friends. They did not deserve his visciousness. As a fellow “Tampon Mafia” female m/m writer, I stand behind my fellow authors and if I could protect them from such vile intent, I would. *hugs*

  364. 7-26-2012

    I am going to be in the minority here, but “outing” Matthew as Lee publicly isn’t the best thing in the long run for the genre — in my opinion .

    I am not a friend of “Matthew,” he’s never been on my FB or Twitter and I don’t read his blog, but I am disturbed by the mob mentality of some anonymous posters here. I quote: “He is a dangerous individual to have in any school system.”


    Because I teach in a high school and there are a lot of misogynistic teachers and all of them are still working despite being jerks. (As long as they keep it out of the classroom, teachers are allowed to have opinions about everything and anything, just like other Americans. The First Amendment guarantees your right to be an a-hole apparently.)

    What’s next report him to his boss for being a dickhead on the Internet and try and get him fired? Because to me that looks like where this is going if you go by some of the anonymous posts.

    I get he is a sexist, racist idiot who has hurt a lot of people via his blog and FB. I understand that authors, especially female authors in the m/m genre should be warned about this guy, but to out his real name, profession and family situation is not the answer.

    Just the hint that he may be an author of erotic fiction is enough to possibly get him fired (i.e. Judy Mays) depending on his teaching contract and if it has a morality clause.

    So, I would hope that the talented, amazing women and men we have in this genre would not stoop to outing someone because they are angry with his insensitive words and actions. Yes, he’s a jerk, but instead of reporting him to his school district for being a twatwaffle on the Internet why not just not buy his books when (or if) they are ever published? I think a boycott for a first-time author would speak volumes about his negative actions rather than having the man fired from his job.

    I’ve been boycotting Mel Gibson for years because he’s a homophobic/sexist a-hole of epic proportions. Now I doubt international super-star Mel is crying about my boycott, but for a new author who relies on word of mouth about your book, I think that would hurt the most in the long run.

    YMMV and that is fine.

  365. 7-26-2012

    What happened with Matt Darringer has led me to the ultimate decision that I want to distance myself as a gay male author from the “m/m” community as much as possible from now on. I see nothing but subterfuge and lies coming from all angles, and this includes the Darringer debacle.

    It might be time to clean up a few acts, so to speak. Darringer is most likely a fraud, however, he made some honest points about more fraud that can’t be ignored. And I’m tired of dealing with it. It’s starting to make gay people in general look stupid, and we have enough issues without a bunch of fakes trying to make money on our lives and our real identities.

  366. 7-26-2012

    He thought he would tear a community down, but maybe he just made it stronger. Let’s pray that we remember this lesson when the next bully comes on the scene (who might even be Matthew Darringer in disguise).

  367. 7-25-2012

    I found the photo of the guy with the duct tape on his mouth some weeks ago on a stock image site. I was astonished. “Matthew” is always banging on about how he is truth, justice and the gay way. Obviously he is not.
    It doesn’t surprise me that all his images were purloined stock photos and maybe a few were his actual students who I am sure would be appropriately horrified that he was using them on his blog. Of course everything has been whitewashed and he’s blocked his blog which I find really amusing. Horse.Bolted.Forget.The.Lock.

  368. 7-25-2012

    A link to your post appeared in my GoodReads feed. I was curious about where the photos of “Matthew Darringer” that appeared in his interview in Top2Bottom Reviews came from. I’m not that familiar with the site, but I gather the photos are supposed to be germane to the particular interview. And two of the photos are titled Matthew/Matt.

    Google is my friend:

    Photo #1: http://www.squidoo.com/AlcoholRelatedDeaths

    Photo #2: http://www.inmagine.com/rbv015/rbv0150135-photo

    Photo #3: http://www.redbubble.com/people/davidaroman/works/6226565-man-in-bed

    If any of these are authorized usages, I will be very, very surprised.

    • 7-25-2012

      Very nice research. A while back it came to light he was using the photo of a murderer of a gay porn producer his profile photo on FB. When confronted he trashed the person who questioned him and claimed everyone already knew and thought it funny.


    • 7-25-2012

      I wonder if it is this killer. He pushed on his FB wall that everyone should read this and did a countdown to when it arrived at his house.


      deranged sicko

    • 7-25-2012

      He sounds like a real prince. I’m late to this conversation because I’ve been off Twitter and on vacation, but congratulations on your fine work. People like this seem to be cropping up more and more.

      Even if he claims that the photos aren’t supposed to represent him, he’s still committing copyright infringement at best and fraud at worst.

    • 7-25-2012

      I find it very ironic that all of this came to light right after his postings regarding writers “hiding” behind supposed false identities.

      There’s no moral high ground when one is guilty of the same sin one is railing against. Say what you will about me, all of MY pictures? Are me.

      Kind of like in “The Wizard of Oz” – all that noise and bluster turns out to be a sad little man with a noise maker, all alone and pitiful.

      A better man than me would pity him. Or hate him. I find I am indifferent. He casts no vote in my life, makes no difference, leaves no footprint.

      Let the tide wash all traces of this…man away.


  369. 7-25-2012

    We could rate him at RateMyTeacher:


    I’m not sure I learned anything from him – did you?

  370. 7-25-2012

    Thanks for all the investigative work and getting it out to the m/m family.

    I have seen the same picture 3 times on the net 1) Lee Prewett editor article from sirra’s blog
    2) Lee Prewett – HS Teacher at Bakersfield and 3) Matthew Darringer Blog.

    Same face, same picture.

    its very upsetting to think he may be teaching children if he is this paranoid and narcissistic…i think at this point we will never know his true identity. not sure he does either

  371. 7-25-2012

    Oh dearie dearie me, “Matthew” will probably soon vanish entirely! He has removed all the photos from his blog. Of course he has killed numerous posts too which he does anyway. The removal of the photos intrigues me though. I wonder how many of the images he pretended were him were his unsuspecting students? Good thing so many people took screen shots. He is a dangerous individual to have in any school system.

  372. 7-25-2012

    I took screencaps of the blogs he has deleted and his photos from the Lee Prewett blog. He is a straight, married man with a daughter and he ain’t no hotty.

    • 7-25-2012

      I think keeping a record is a good idea for a while.

  373. 7-25-2012

    Lesson, then, he’s a disgruntled middle-aged school teacher in midlife crisis? Does somebody have that photo? Some hits came up on Google Images, but it would be good to have confirmation.

    Also, reading his recent blog post, does anybody else think he believes he’s in a bad spy thriller (“I walk among you yet you don’t know me?”)? Do narcissists gets paranoid a lot? Seriously, if he put half as much effort into writing as his posturing and “haha, I’ll play you all against each other” cinema-type villainry, he might even be able to finish a story. Poor deluded bastard. He must be really bored.

    • 7-25-2012

      Funny thing is that, although some m/m authors may have “played against each other” for a while, what I see now is how everyone is standing together as one. Because of him.

      Ugh, I’ve been quietly reading these Matthew Darringer discussions, contacting authors in private to show my support. But this post, Laura, just really opened my eyes. Thanks for that.

  374. 7-25-2012

    Ah, the sweet smell of a pitch-perfect takedown. I thought he was fake as well, and honestly have been waiting for his “book” to be published. There are some people who get a narcissistic kick out of posturing as an author, but without actually putting the work in to be authors. A shame, because he has a voice, but he’d go on my “dickwad author, won’t touch” shelf on Goodreads.

  375. 7-24-2012

    Did anyone happen to get a copy of the blog he did attacking Havan and the Story Orgy group a few days ago? It is, of course, gone from his site.

    • 7-25-2012

      I have that one saved.

  376. 7-24-2012

    The buzz is that he has gone after authors he says are making up fake names and personas. He insists he is authentic. He is not. The here are tons of people who write using alternate names and personas and that’s not the issue. It’s his determination to “expose” other authors under the guise of his use of his real name etc. when he is a FRAUD and the worst kind of liar. He has hurt a lot of people. Luckily we know where the skeletons are.

  377. 7-24-2012

    I’ve known he was fake as hell for some time. The worst was when he had his girlfriendsockpuppet do a guest blog talking about how great he was in bed.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a straight man pretending to be bi, all for some kind of stupid narcissistic project. He’s definitely some kind of MRA (see manboobz.com for coverage of those fools).

  378. 7-24-2012

    Bravo to you Laura and everyone else who are standing up against Darringer. He clearly thinks he’s a “specialist” on who is a narcissist. Who is he kidding? This guy is beyond a narcissist… He is just plain sicko. Thank you for calling a spade a spade and putting the REAL truth out there!

  379. 7-24-2012

    I was a FB friend of his Darringer account for a while, read his blog a few times. It’s all made up. The posts about his father, the interviews, everything. He’s not lying when he says he’s “writing”; he’s just writing fiction as if it’s reality. It’s a style, but people see “blog”, and think it’s supposed to be real. I unfriended him when I realized that the person “Matthew Darringer” was also made up. I figured this out about 3 months ago.

    I didn’t know there was any buzz on FB about him, though…

    • 7-25-2012

      It is lying if he claims it is true and doesn’t allow the readers to know that this is his fantasy world. Especially since he hates liars and bashes them on a regular basis.

  380. 7-24-2012

    Just fyi

    http://leeprewettauthor.com/about/ is now blocked to all who haven’t been invited

    http://matthewdarringerwrites.blogspot.co.uk/ is now blocked to all who haven’t been approved

    Lee’s profile on FB and Twitter is gone.

    According to the open letter he posted that SJD Peterson sent him, he is STILL among us…as he states: “The better question is who am I that is hiding in plain sight in the m/m circle despite being banned from it?”

    He professed several times over how he despised pen names and the like: YET..he openly “admits” he’s using one.

    He tells SJD she’s the only big author he liked. Lie. There’s proof of that lie. He spoke badly of her as well.

    His main follower “thinks” he likes her…another lie..he talks bad of her all the time.

    The lies go on and on. But I have more important matters to tend to.

    Great post, Laura!!!

  381. 7-24-2012

    Wow, I had no idea. I mean I always doubted he was who he said he was, but this is so twisted. So Matthew Darringer is a school teacher named Lee Prewett. I wonder if the school district where he works knows that Lee Prewett is claiming to be a psychologist? Isn’t that kind of illegal to claim to be a medical professional? And what about the people he claims are his patients? Are they really people from his school. How creepy.

  382. 7-24-2012

    Darringer has been busy deleting his Lee Prewett accounts on Facebook and Twitter and making his website private but don’t worry several people took screen shots. He’s running but can’t actually hide. He’s posted another blog today claiming Matthew Darringer is his real name. Maybe he’s beginning to believe this nonsense?

  383. 7-24-2012

    People like him will fade away they always do…if this person is a narissist ..then any attenion he recieves only feeds his ego ..good or bad

  384. 7-24-2012

    *Stands and Applauds*
    Beautiful, Laura! Simply beautiful. I think that Mr. Prewett needs to “step up”. And I’m almost…not completely, but almost ashamed to admit to wondering what the school district would think of his…activities.

    Thanks for finding these things, Laura. And for posting them. Knowledge is definitely power. And for this type of person to be stopped, we all need to be empowered.

    aka K. Kahn

  385. 7-24-2012

    Thank you so much for this!! Thank you for being so brave!!

  386. 7-24-2012

    And just to continue the thread, here is his blog for today, and yes of course it is the mothers fault and is he a sex therapist?

    “Jul 24Matthew Darringer Writes

    I have a client I will call “Rodney” who is a straight man in his thirties who is a virgin in the sense that he has never had vaginal, penetrative sex. He masturbates incessantly to straight porn. His father left his mother and his mother—based on his descriptions of her—suffers from narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder.

    The latter would indicate that she has stormy relationships with people and especially males. Rodney says that his mom has never had a successful relationship with a man and calls all men “cocks” and “dickheads” and that her hatred for men was also focused on her boy.

    If he got caught playing with himself, she beat him. Up until age fourteen, she would inspect him after a shower to see if he had been playing with himself. Let’s not mention that a boy in puberty can get an erection over literally anything. The level of shaming he received for having a penis was severe.

    The problem is that most boys at one time or another have been shamed for having a penis.

    His mother hated being soiled by a man and that resulted in her purchasing him condoms when she realized he was masturbating and she could not stop him because she did not want his dirtiness on clothes or sheets. Consequently Rodney was masturbating with a condom on until he felt secure not doing so as we progressed through therapy.

    His mother also told him his penis was too large and that it would hurt women and that his father was also big and sex with him hurt. The message that his penis was too big began when he was eight. He never bothered to go beyond casual dating for fear of hurting a girl or woman he felt for. As an adult, he retreated further.

    I gave him a handout on how to measure his penis and invited him to tell me the result if he felt comfortable. He is seven inches long, which is high average, and is of average girth. He is not too big for sex. In fact, he is probably ideal.”

    This isn’t all. He really hates woman. Sicko


    • 7-25-2012

      I’ve been quietly reading the “Matthew” posts over the last few days. This excerpt you posted here, Theresa, is very interesting. I wonder if “Rodney” is really “Matthew” (or Lee)?

      Speaking of, I found this guest post Lee Prewett wrote. I think it’s interesting if “Matthew” really is an editor. That would explain his almost impeccable writing and his way of wording things. Anyway, look at the comments to this guest post. See the “! July 15, 2011 1:18 PM”? Matt used to reply under the “username” “!” a lot when he was answering comments on his early-day blog entries (that have now been deleted).


      Laura *hugs* I’m so sorry you and the others had to go through all this. I’m at a loss for words.

    • 7-25-2012

      Ive noticed he likes to think he is writing impeccably, but he misuses words more than he cares to notice.


  387. 7-24-2012

    There is so much irony in this, I can barely wrap my mind around it.

  388. 7-24-2012

    I don’t know Matthew, but the only interaction I had with him on FB was extremely confrontational. After I made a flippant remark on a thread, he replied to me with anger out of all proportion to the situation. That’s all I know about him. I found this blog post quite interesting.

  389. 7-24-2012

    um wow..just looked at the blog and I swear he really hates women period. *shakes head* What a piece of work

  390. 7-24-2012

    Creepy. Very much so. I am sick over this mess he’s made of our generally tight community. I looked him up. Um…wow he’s a professional con.

  391. 7-24-2012

    So after all his posturing about his authenticity as a gay ex hustler – a HOT – gay ex hustler that isn’t who he is at all…I just found his real photo…my God.

    • 7-24-2012

      And posturing about fake identities on Facebook.

    • 7-24-2012

      I find it particularly disturbing whether this man is a teacher or counselor, that he’s allowed to walk around society free and not in a looney bin. This is quite disturbing. I was on another blog the other night with screen pictures of things he’s said about people and that he does shit like this to get a rise out of people,then he goes on to bash a guy that recently died. I saved that screen capture just in case no one believes me. The man is some piece of work…He’s been bashing everyone else with a pen name because his talent doesn’t measure up to theirsw hen all along he’s the fake…My friend always say “those who protest the loudest have lots more to hide.”

  392. 7-24-2012

    He only has a pleasant word to say when it benefits him.
    It makes me sick that I defended him for so long – and he did threaten me when I unfriended him (he doesn’t like that – he is the unfriender, not the unfriendee) that I’d “made my bed”.

    I’m sure there are some who think I deserve it but that’s neither here nor there. This man must be stopped and shown for what he really is.

  393. 7-24-2012

    I read many of these entries in past months. Not pleasant at all.

    • 7-24-2012

      I agree, Sue. These are mild, compared to some of the other entries I’ve seen. There is also a history of the most inflammatory of his comments and posts disappearing, which is why I dated these and included the date they were still available on the blog.

  394. 7-24-2012

    Wow! What is the blog address, Laura? This is a powerful blog.

    • 7-24-2012

      You can find him under MatthewDarringerWrites

  395. 7-4-2012

    Cool cups, incollect coffee mugs, so I’d love to add these to my usable collection :). Can’t wait for the next books!


  396. 7-4-2012

    Great excerpt and I love the mug. Have a wonderful 4th of July.
    manning_j2004 at yahooo dot com

  397. 7-4-2012

    Great excerpt! I loved your Three’s Allowed series! Hold Tight has a great cover. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Independence Day!

  398. 7-3-2012

    Nice long excerpt :) And I love the name of your blog! How long did it take you to choose that?

    Happy 4th :)


  399. 7-3-2012

    Thanks so much! I love watching the fireworks with the kids! They get so excited!!!


  400. 7-2-2012

    Love this hopping.

  401. 7-2-2012

    love the excerpt.Happy 4th

  402. 7-2-2012

    Can Canadians play too? Happy Independence Day and Canada Day yesterday. :)
    The excerpt is awesome and I love that mug.
    K-lee Klein

    kleemoon66 @ gmail dot com

  403. 7-1-2012

    Great read and lovely mugs :D


  404. 7-1-2012

    Can’t wait to read this…The mugs look great…what a way to start the morning…Marie melisk1966@yahoo.com

  405. 7-1-2012

    What a great excerpt! Happy 4th of July!


  406. 7-1-2012

    Beautiful coffee mugs and my favorite drink. Loved the book Ty Hard.

  407. 7-1-2012

    Thank you so much for the excerpt!! Would love a chance to pour some coffee into that lovely mug every morning ;)


  408. 5-20-2012

    I joined the human rights campaign and will also vote.


  409. 5-20-2012

    Those are great points, Laura :)

    I signed up as a member for the GLBTQ organization in Iceland on May 17th, to show my support. I’m also petitioning my home town to renew their contract with the organization, so that the GLBTQ people in my town have a place to go for counselling. Then, of course, I’m blogging in this hop :)

    eripike at gmail dot com

  410. 5-20-2012

    It’s time to vote for change.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  411. 5-20-2012

    I live in a small village where the opportunities to some campaigning are limited. I don’t know if the past actions count, but I allocated the 1% of my tax that according to law in my country can go to any charity to organization fighting homophobia.


  412. 5-20-2012

    I’m proud to say I always vote and I always make sure my candidates are pro-woman and pro-alternate lifestyle


    I’ve pissed off family and friends by banning the word fag in my home and defending Adam Lambert’s right to be as flamboyant as he wants!!!!!

  413. 5-20-2012

    I think it is important to be willing to fight for equality even if it does not personally effect you. Just because I am straight doesn’t mean I should turn a blind eye to discrimination.

  414. 5-20-2012

    Excellent advice. No election forthcoming for me since I am in the UK, but I do make sure to vote when the time comes.

    I will also try to speak up more in the workplace when homophobic comments are made. I do occasionally speak up already, but have to admit that most of the time I just tune out rather than get into an argument.

    lmbrownauthor at gmail dot com

  415. 5-19-2012

    I will continue to patiently educate my small-minded family members as to why their words and thoughts are inappropriate. I’m not a patient person so this will be a challenge. I usually walk away and label them as a lost cause. I think I should stick it out and show them the error or their ways. If I don’t stand up against homophobia then I am just as guilty as the bigots.

    geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  416. 5-19-2012

    Lovely post! I will continue to remind my co-workers, family and friends that Love is Love and who are any of us to tell another how or what to feel. I will make sure that they are comfortable enough to call me on something if I slip. I am going to continue to educate myself as well as others on the importance of language when conversing with transgender individuals. We all need to just give that little extra effort in making sure we aren’t being insensitive.


  417. 5-19-2012

    Damn, LE, smart, savvy post. Yes, everyone needs to pick which battles they engage in. I love that you pointed that out to us. F-yes.

    I will continue to write my stories featuring all the flavors of love. I will continue to advocate for my brother, and correct those who insist on calling him by the wrong pronoun, and I will do my best to do so in a manner which will win hearts and minds. I will continue to donate 7% of my sales from my Soldiers of the 569th series to HRC. Plus I’ll keep asking folks to call *me* on it if I make remarks that are unintentionally hurtful to them. I tend to come on strong about things… and I always call what I see as a spade a spade… but if I’m wrong, or the manner of my speech is inappropriate, I am teachable. :)Hey, if you need my email, it’s cherienoel@yahoo.com

  418. 5-19-2012

    I opened a dialog a long time ago with my preteen daughters about accepting people of different “types” – I told them “I don’t care who you find to love, boy, girl, panda or puppy. Black, white or blue as long as it’s true love and it makes you happy, I’m okay with that!”. I can’t tell you the number of times I said stuff like that to them and we talked about the essence of love and why it doesn’t matter the color or the sex as long as it makes you happy.

  419. 5-19-2012

    Thanks for the great post. I teach high school Social Psychology and discrimination and homophobia is one of the many topics we discuss and learn about. I hope I do my part by teaching my students about lover and tolerance, not hate.

  420. 5-19-2012

    I’ve neve4r been one to keep silent. But I can get a point across sounding simply sweet and informative when they know that underneath I’m not being so nice as I seem. In the last 6 months I’ve fought schools and shelters, helped one of my gay fighter friends “come out” and other things. Have I done enough? Absolutely not. I’ll continue to push my opinion, just as those who don’t agree with me continue to push theirs.

  421. 5-19-2012

    I always vote my conscience and my conscience tells me that I must vote for the person that upholds my personal values. I will continue to do this until the day I die. I write thought provoking books about same sex couples ad I will continue to write them, buy other authors male/male works and promote the genre

  422. 5-19-2012

    I never let a homophobic (or racist) remark pass. I don’t preach, I just say, “I don’t like that” or “I’d rather not hear that.” The more gentle I am, the better it usually goes down. If someone tried to pick a fight or turn it into an argument, I just walk away. The important thing is not to be silent or “play along.” Quite often people who make such remarks have *never been called on it.* Some have the potential for remarkable growth if put on notice that not everyone cares for homophobic remarks and jokes.

  423. 5-19-2012

    I vote in EVERY election, local and national, speak out when hate is spouted around me, offer support to the young folks close to me and will continue to write stories about gay men who are sympathetic, multifaceted men and not caricatures.

  424. 5-19-2012

    I will continue to write my M/M books to show that same-sex relationships are just as beautiful and worthy of notice as opposite sex relationships. And I don’t keep my mouth shut on this subject, anyway, so I will continue to speak up and out against homophobia and bashing whenever I see it.

  425. 5-19-2012

    GOOD GOOD GOOD advice!!! Thank you.


  426. 5-18-2012

    I showed a bunch of these post to the teens in my family to show them how hurt some “innocent” remarks are to many others. I get so annoyed when my nephew says “you’re so gay”. ERRRR drove me crazy. I know he didn’t mean anything by it but it is so wrong to use that as a saying. I think that these post have helped. Thank you all for sharing with us!

  427. 5-18-2012

    In my country, homophobia is strong and alive.

    The one thing I told my parents..dont discriminate. Life is short, whoever my brothers and sister bring back – accept them with open arms ( as long they respect them ).

  428. 5-18-2012

    I’m going to combat negative generalizations with concrete, positive examples regarding LGBT/trans issues. I’ve read so many great personal stories on this hop that I can use!


  429. 5-18-2012

    I’m trying to reach out to my parents, to show them that being gay doesn’t mean anything bad, they religious believe, sadly don’t help the matter and I’m getting tired of all those stupid comments.*sigh*

    anzuazura at yahoo dot de

  430. 5-18-2012

    I will continue what I’ve done for years and speak up when I hear people being stupid about Homosexuals. I try and correct the ‘facts’ they spout and tell it like it really is.

    felinewyvern at googlemail dot com

  431. 5-18-2012

    I love the ‘This is love, this is stupid’ picture. :)


  432. 5-17-2012

    I’m not much of an activist. I don’t go out and protest or gather signatures or volunteer. But I can question people calmly about their bigotry when I run across it.


  433. 5-17-2012

    Since becoming friends with several transgender individuals over the last 6 months I have been trying to pass on the ways in which I have learned to be more respectful in conversation. We all have room to learn and everyone deserves respect and civility.


  434. 5-17-2012

    I’ll do what I always do. I’ll raise my boys to be open minded and accepting. I’ll let them know that we will be proud of them and love them no matter who they choose to love. We will continue to support all our gay and lesbian friends.

    andreagrendahl AT gmail DOT com

  435. 5-17-2012

    I believe love can triumph over hate and that it always will! As long as we continue to share our stories, show our commonality, and never give up, equality will be achieved.

    Thanks for participating in the blog hop.


  436. 5-17-2012

    I live my life out and proud. I live with my wife and love her everyday.


  437. 5-17-2012

    Good Morning, I just wanted to say how much I admire you for banding together with so many authors for such a worthy cause. Good luck in your endeavors.

    Missy Martine

  438. 5-17-2012

    I don’t want to be in the drawing either. I wrote a blog that most of my friends might not support. I know all too well what it feels like to hide in the shadows, not be able to tell people who you really are. I just know that the community that was once a part of my life, healed my soul.

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    Best of LOve and Success to you!

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    I love this post… and I don’t know what I will do… I know what I’ve done… I took in an awesome guy (into my home) who was in an intolerable situation where he lived. And in the process I gained an awesome adopted baby brother. Love you Vic. You can check out my Hop against Homophobia post here: http://talesfromthewritingcave.blogspot.com/
    and my adopted bro’s is here: http://imstillvic.blogspot.com/


  441. 5-17-2012

    I will be doing a blog about the topic, and dare-say, share a hidden secret nobody knows. How do you go out of your way to support a cause without truly being real? What’s the worse that can happen?

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    I am not here to win the prize but to thank you for taking part in this blog. Speaking for myself (as a straight woman) I have and will continue to support others in their rights for equality. sign petitions write letters contribute to causes in any way I can.

  443. 5-12-2012

    This is an early comment but I just wanted to say “Thank You” to everyone for letting me be included in your Hop Against Homophobia. I am afraid I am not a talented m/m fiction writer like yourself but I am an avid reader of it.

    I guess I do not fit into any category really since I write non-fiction for an adult gay studio.

    But this is a cause I feel strongly about and I wanted to let you know I appreciate the opportunity to be included.

    I put a post up at the top of my blog on May 5th and it will remain up until May 19th. http://shadowsterling.blogspot.com/2012/05/straights-and-international-day-against.html

    Since I do not write books I will be donating money to PFLAG here in the U.S. in the name of the winner.

    Thank you again for the inclusion.

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