Prevailing Winds

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Prevailing Winds



With all the details and excitement surrounding a new release, I can’t believe I forgot to post it here!! Finally, Jamie and Remy get their book, and I cannot thank you all enough for your patience. Or your impatience, lol. You have been wonderfully encouraging, supportive, demanding, and all the other emotions that tell me Remy, Jamie, Miggy, and Toby were important to you. Quite simply—I love them, and it truly means the world that you love them, too.


Two years ago, Jamie Mainwaring and Remy Remington had nothing in common except missing boys and a blazing hot mutual distraction. When the case was over, so were they. Although they went their separate ways, life—and death—keep the men connected. 

After another deadly tragedy touches both their lives, the men say what they believe must be their final goodbyes—only to have their worlds collide once again. This time they end up in Las Vegas, one man for work, the other to try to mend a very personal pain. 

Although Jamie and Remy once excelled at mixing business with pleasure—this time, the stakes are much higher—they’ve got forever on the line. When they discover Jamie’s case has an unexpected connection to Remy’s son, they must put everything aside to find Toby before the young man makes a decision that will change all of their lives. One thing is positive, time is running out. 

***This is the final installment in the Separate Ways Series. The books should be enjoyed in the following order: 
Continental Divide 
Oceans Apart 
Moving Mountains 
Prevailing Winds


Chapter One

For the third time in his life, Jamie found himself on the wrong side of the airport security line while his cowboy stayed behind. Bloody hell. He didn’t sodding think he could do this again and survive. He needed to get out of Phoenix, but the truth was, he didn’t have the foggiest idea where he wanted to go. Glancing down at the ticket in his hand, his stomach plummeted at the thought of returning to London. There was nothing there for him. Where exactly did one go when there was nowhere else to run?

I’ve made such a goddamn mess of everything.

With his pulse thundering and his throat tight, Jamie resisted the urge to turn around, even though the weight of Remy’s gaze was a physical force pressing against his back, squeezing his heart. Resolutely looking straight ahead, Jamie passed through the scanner before retrieving his belongings from the industrial tub nearly as gray as his mood. He slipped back into his shoes and reorganized his carry-on bag.

Two years ago in New York, by the time Jamie worked up the courage to beg Remy to stay, the cowboy had been long gone. In Grenada, Jamie had said good-bye on his terms, but he’d still risked a look at Remy’s back as his ex sauntered through the crowded airport. This time, everything about his departure felt unfinished—yet as unbearably final as watching Remy and Toby toss dirt on Miggy’s casket. Swallowing back the urge to breakdown and have a good cry, Jamie steeled himself to do what needed to be done, so he could have the closure he needed. He closed his eyes briefly to gather strength, then turned to face the man who would always own his heart.

Remy stood just on the other side of the security barrier, hands tucked into the front pockets of his jeans, shoulders slumped forward, deep lines etched around his eyes and bracketing the unsmiling mouth. When their gazes locked, Remy’s chin raised and his lips parted slightly. In that moment, Jamie saw a man whose world had completely unraveled, who needed comfort, a friend, someone to help him through the loss of his one true love. God forgive me, but I can’t be that man and survive with my heart intact.

Then Remy mouthed the words guaranteed to haunt Jamie for the rest of his life.

“Please don’t go.”

With a sense of self-preservation bordering on panic, Jamie tilted his head and smiled slightly, then waved farewell before turning to walk deeper into the departure terminal of the Phoenix International Airport.


Remy pulled his truck into the drive, and after turning off the engine, he folded his arms across the steering wheel then leaned forward to rest his head. Funny how quickly life could change. Just a little over two years ago, he’d walked away from the first man who’d ever touched his heart, using his friend Miggy’s cocaine addiction as a convenient distraction. Since then, he and Miggy had covered a lot of ground…and ocean together. He never would have foreseen they’d end up partners in both work and in bed. Now Miggy was gone, and Jamie…walked away, leaving Remy just the way he’d always wanted to be. Alone. How fucking just.

With his eyes closed, Remy conjured up Jamie’s confused expression at the recklessly whispered invitation. Thank god they’d been too far apart for the words to carry clearly. There was some small comfort in knowing, even now, Jamie was jetting his way back to London, to his own people. Perhaps he’d make peace with his brother and settle at the family estate. At least there he’d be safe and could find the happiness he deserved.

The image of Jamie morphed into the recurring vision of Miggy’s death. Awake or asleep, it always started the same place. A flash frame of confusing images. Jamie impersonating Remy. Cortez’s gun rising to shoot Jamie. Miggy’s hand as his gun recoiled from the shots at Cortez. Miggy’s mouth opening in surprise as his body jerked. Miggy on the ground in a pool of blood. Maria in his gunsight, Jamie’s body her only protection against the cold-blooded murder in his heart.

The door to the truck wrenched open, startling him from the dark place in his mind.

“Remy? You okay?” Toby asked. The slight tremble to his voice showed both his age and his concern. It was enough to bring Remy back from whatever edge he’d been standing on.

Not alone. He had a son. A son who’d just lost a man he’d thought of as his other father. Remy couldn’t forget that. He would spend the next however-the-hell-long it took to make things right in Toby’s world. He couldn’t give him back Miggy, but he could—he would—be the best father any college-aged guy could ask for. There was so much he needed to make up to Toby.

“Yeah, I’m okay, Tobes. It’s just been a helluva long day.” Remy dragged himself from the cab of his truck and dropped an arm over Toby’s shoulder. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

When Toby didn’t tuck in next to him, Remy stopped and took a good look at the young man. Like Remy, he’d changed his clothes after the funeral, and now wore a pair of deep indigo jeans. Despite the warm early evening temperature, Toby’s long-sleeved T-shirt and hiking boots looked like a layer of protection against the eventual temperature drop of a desert night. Although he didn’t exactly shrug away, the strap of a duffle bag hung from one shoulder and he didn’t meet Remy’s gaze.

“Toby? Let’s go inside,” Remy repeated. The cup of airport coffee coiled in his stomach, ready to strike back.

“I have to go,” Toby said, stepping out from under Remy’s arm.

“Go? Where would you go? Why would you go?”

“It’s nothing. I might be back in a couple of weeks. We’ll see. Just something I—”

All thoughts of being a reasonable parent seemed to fly away on the desert breeze. Neither of them should be alone right now. They had grieving and healing to do. Together. As a family. How the fuck did he find the words to say that?

“For fuck’s sake, Toby. We just buried Migs a few hours ago, now you hit me with this?”

“True to form, always about you, right, Remy? You laughed…”

“About me? I laughed at what? Make sense, Toby. Please. Can’t you come inside so we can talk about this?”

“You laughed today at his wake or whatever this was we had here. You already had your arm around Jamie and you were laughing with those cops.”

“Oh, Toby…that’s just…just what people do at funerals. It doesn’t mean what you think. It’s just a part of…affirming life.”

“Affirming life. Nice. Is that what you call fucking Jamie in Miggy’s bed last night, too? You couldn’t even wait until he was in the ground. You know what? I’m not going to do this. Not now. I’ve gotta go, someone’s—” Abruptly, Toby broke off and stomped toward the garage. He punched in the code and the door rose, then he threw his bag into the back of his new Jeep Wrangler.

“Slow the fuck down, Toby. Goddammit. Talk to me. Where are you going? Who are you seeing?”

Toby climbed into the driver’s seat, and with jerky movements, he put the key in the ignition, then fumbled through buckling his seatbelt. He put the Jeep in gear before he finally looked over at Remy. An angry red flush spread from his collar up his cheeks, and although his eyes held a bright sheen, there were no tears spilling from his light blue eyes. “Thanks for everything, Remy. Maybe I’ll see you around sometime.”

Then he backed out of the driveway and out of Remy’s life.





All Romance eBooks

The other retailers are still loading, but I’ll add their links as soon as they become available.


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Romance Novel Convention 2014

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Romance Novel Convention 2014


*Waves madly*

Here I am at the Romance Novel Convention 2014 with two absolutely amazing authors. Anne Perry, on the left has over twenty-five million books in print and Angela Knight on  my right, has 16 novels with wonderful naughty, smutty goodness. I was privileged to attend sessions on writing from both of these fantastic authors. I am worn out from the week, but feeling marvelously inspired.





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New Release: Kismet and Cartwheels

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New Release: Kismet and Cartwheels


I know many of you read the Willow Springs Ranch Series, but if you haven’t yet dipped into the Pulp Friction 2014 collection, now’s a great time to try. Park Williams and Tanner Triplett have left the WSR for Flagstaff and have moved in to a cabin at Mountain Shadows…or have they?

Here’s the blurb:

For the free-spirited Park Williams, leaving the relative safety of the Willow Springs Ranch for a remote cabin near Flagstaff to spend some quality alone-time with his new boyfriend seems like a no-brainer. They can get to know each other while hiding away from the bad guys who may or may not be looking to kill his lover. At least it seems like a good idea right up until the minute he is standing on the front porch, with a man he’s known less than three weeks, and who spent two of those weeks in police custody. Oh shit.

Tanner Triplett is having a bad month. After two attempts on his life, he’s helped put his father and brother behind bars, lost his beloved ranch, and oh yeah…stepped out of the closet in a big way. But it remains to be seen if he’s in bigger danger from the men he’s agreed to testify against, or the golden-haired, cosmic-quoting devil trying to kill him with soy-gurt.

Join Park, Tanner, and their dogs Scooby and Taco as they make the move east to the Mountain Shadows Resort to meet up with their new neighbors and join in the fun that is Pulp Friction 2014.

About Pulp Friction 2014
Laura Harner ~ Lee Brazil ~ Havan Fellows ~ T.A. Webb

The Pulp Friction 2014 Collection. Four authors. Four Series. Twenty books. One fiery finale. Spend a year with an eclectic group of strangers brought together through circumstances, as they are tested by life, and emerge as more than friends.

The strongest bonds are forged by fire, cooled in air, smoothed by water, grounded in earth.
Although each series can stand alone, we believe reading the books in the order they are released will increase your enjoyment.

Mini Excerpt:

Tanner stepped outside and draped an arm over Park’s shoulder. “What did I miss?” he asked.

“Just an invitation to drinks tonight,” Park said, turning to smile at his lover.

The moment stretched out and Tanner’s eyes seemed to go a little unfocused. His lips parted. “Oh…”

“Maybe another time,” Scott said with a laugh in his voice. “Looks like you two might be busy later. I’ll see you around. Welcome to Mountain Shadows.”

They continued to stare at each other long after the sound of Scott’s footsteps faded away. The wind whispered through the tops of the tall pines, but otherwise, the camp was quiet. According to the map and their initial drive through the property, there were fourteen cabins, plus the lodge. Scott said six of the cabins were occupied and the closest one was a few hundred yards away. He supposed a scream might carry…

Park barely restrained the shudder that threatened. Standing here on the porch of a place registered in his name with a man he had just by default committed to spend the next six months with. A man he’d known less than three weeks, and who had spent two of those weeks in police custody. What the fuck am I thinking?

“Is it weird that I’m freaking out a little bit here?” Park asked, wishing he could find his usually ever-ready laugh.

Tanner traced the line of Park’s jaw and smiled a little, but there was a touch of sadness in the look. “Hey, I understand. This was really big and way too soon. You just got caught up in the craziness. Why don’t I— Shit.” Tanner dropped his hands and stepped back. “Listen, I need a ride back to town.”

“Back to town?” Park echoed.

“Yeah, honey. I can find something there and we can start over. I’m not ready to push you into something you’re not ready for…karma or not.” Tanner bent and claimed Park’s mouth in a gentle kiss that seemed to chase the shadows away.

Their lips brushed together, the touch light, more promise than substance. Then Tanner licked at the seam of Park’s mouth, and he opened to his lover’s invitation. Despite the frigid outdoor temperatures, the heat of the moment had passion igniting instantaneously between them, and Park moaned into Tanner’s kiss. Then Tanner wrapped a big hand around the back of his neck and Park fell against the taller man with a groan. When a hand landed on his ass, Park rubbed into the touch. Tanner’s hand slid into Park’s hair and freed it from the scrunchy.

Using his hair like a handle, Tanner tugged hard enough to raise Park’s face even more before he buried his nose in the crook of Park’s shoulder. “I don’t really want to go…” he whispered. He licked his way up Park’s neck to the swirl of his ear. “Tell me to stop,” he whispered.

“Nuh uh,” Park managed on a half groan.

Tanner pulled back and studied his face. Park wanted to offer reassurance that he was okay, but all the blood seemed to have left the speech center of his brain and now throbbed in his dick. It appeared Tanner liked what he saw, because Park suddenly found himself lifted from the porch and tossed over Tanner’s shoulder, the proverbial sack of potatoes.

Stepping inside, Tanner closed the door firmly and strode straight through the cabin to the downstairs bedroom. Hanging upside down, Park came cheek to cheek with the twin globes of a tight ass covered in faded denim. He thought he might be drooling.


Now available at theses sites (the others are still loading):



All Romance eBooks

Barnes & Noble



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Pulp Friction 2014

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Pulp Friction 2014


Are you caught up? HIGHER GROUND by  my great friend Tom Webb, is coming soon, and you don’t want to miss a thing. Get my book FIRESTORM, the first book in PF2014 round one for only 99¢ at All Romance e-books this week! Havan Fellows and Lee Brazil are squeezed in between Tom and me, and we aren’t letting go!

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The WSR Gets a New Book!

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The WSR Gets a New Book!

Whoo hoo! We’re only a few hours away from the launch of Park’s Lot, Willow Springs Ranch #5 With this book, we have two covers…one especially designed to keep Amazon happy (I hope) and then one for the other book sellers, who generally are more tolerant of my covers. It’s kind of amusing, Amazon doesn’t actually ban the covers, but it does re-categorize the books from romance to erotica, which makes them a tad harder to find. They don’t pop up as suggested reads.

Here’s your cover art and book description. Park’s Lot will be available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTes, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. iTunes, Kobo, and Sony, will load eventually, but they are notoriously slow with erotic romances.


When vegan, peace-loving, social do-gooder Park Williams stumbles across the half-dead cattle rancher who has been sabotaging the Willow Springs Ranch in the name of a homophobic militia group…there’s only one thing to do. Save his life, then share his tent. Waking to find the man’s dick pressed against his ass is just a bonus.

Tanner Triplett is in trouble. Not the your-brother-is-a-sociopathic-murderer-and-you’re-his-next-victim sort of trouble. Not even the your-father-is-trying-to-overthrow-the-federal-government-and-you’re-going-to-jail-for-helping kind of trouble. No…this is the sort of trouble that comes when you wake up with stranger’s dick in your hand. Holy fuck. How is he going to get out of this?

A sudden need to run for their lives ought to do it.

Determined to make amends, Tanner leads Park to the relative safety of the WSR, where the biggest danger should be from gun-wielding cowboys seeking revenge. Tanner hadn’t counted on sharing a room with the exotically beautiful Park or the danger to his heart when the carefully erected walls protecting his secret come tumbling down. 

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